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  1. That's three of us with NO AM! What a serious POS. I can't believe there is no support from Pioneer regarding this.... Any suggestions guys? (other than getting an ANT splitter and using the regular AM/FM along with FMHD).
  2. how do you "type" in WinCE? I think this solution is going to work for me, but I don't know how to set the partition name of the new partition....any help? thanks! phyzfer
  3. I believe this is the problem I'm having as well...but my hard drive has 177GB of songs...and God knows how many individual songs...is there any more information regarding what sorts of files might be bugging the F-series Avic? I'll go through and delete all non MP3 files and see if that helps..but it might not... any hints? ** So I've deleted all 5300+ non MP3 files on the hard drive. How long should it take to load up and for the USB icon to light up? I'm going for an hour-long drive tomorrow so I should be able to test this then.
  4. yoan, Thanks for your insightful post. I'm exactly where you're at except I don't have a working USB drive...grr When I installed the F700bt on my car, I also installed a cigarette lighter / powered usb drive. I also bought a USB Y-Cable and connect my WD Passport to the Y cable. One end of the Y goes into my powered USB drive the other goes into the USB cable that comes from the avic. I know the USB drive is powered because the cigarette lighter is lighting up (red light that indicates it is receiving power). I think I might need to do something like put a timer into the power
  5. Yes. All the songs are in folders...this is the generic breakdown: Audio Full Albums each album has a folder Soundtracks more subfolders Foreign more subfolders Video All videos here The root of the folder only has Audio and Video folders. Everything is within these folders. I also took the hard drive and just placed some songs on it...but it still had the same problem (not as many maybe a gig or so). Any thoughts? thanks!
  6. Any idea as to why this is happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Great site, excellent info. thanks!
  7. Hi everyone. I have a few issues here. I have a 250GB hard drive that I formatted to FAT32, and loaded a bunch of (about 150GBs) music on. Whenever I plug my USB drive in, first of all it is never recognized. The light indicator on my hard drive is on and it seems to be spinning (meaning that enough power is being given to it). Since its a 2.5" drive, I've added an additional power source and use a USB Y-Cable to get power and data to the drive. I'm running 3.01 with the IDT upgrade. Another weird thing that happens is when the USB drive is plugged in, my SD icon goes blank and m
  8. phyzfer

    Maps etc.

    Azux, I'm a noob too...but reading doesn't hurt. There are a NUMBER of articles addressing your very question. Please search and read...an education is an excellent thing. good luck.
  9. Completely installed and upgraded to 3.01. This guide is perfect like many others have noted. On to modding, =) thanks!
  10. thanks! I used the h2format tool within a XP VM i had running on Windows7. Worked beautifully.
  11. the p20 is under the backseat. I ran the wire from the antenna (behind the stereo) to the tuner.
  12. that's odd. Windows7 disagrees with that. I did this in command prompt: format /FS:FAT32 X: It errored out saying the drive was too large. Perhaps windows7 just doesn't like it. I might be running 64-bit windows though, although I don' t think that should matter. Any information regarding formatting using exFAT?
  13. Nice, although I think I need one end of it to be at least 5 or 6 feet (to reach my HD receiver). I'll search around or ask this reseller on ebay. So do you think my p20 is broken since I'm getting no AM? thanks for all your help!
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