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  1. X910BT Works With Droid Phones?

    This is an old post but just a quick update...the avic x910bt WILL stream audio via Bluetooth...BUT...you need to get the free app from the app store.the app converts mono Bluetooth to stereo..theres a few diff apps out there.The reason you need this is because your phone will sync with your 910 for PHONE use only and phones are mono..there is no audio support.But with the app(the one I use is called mono Bluetooth router)the audio will sync thru the phone hardware. I stream I-heart radio and play my mp3's all the time.The only down fall is that you have to adjust the volume thru your phone since the 910 has no audio support. But it sounds great and the app makes it stereo.
  2. Does anyone know of a map update for the Avic X910bt. Pioneer shows nothing for the 910 BUT shows them for the 310bt,z110bt,x920 and 930bt. Has anyone tried one of these updates in a 910bt ? Also there's a guy on E-bay selling a 2012 update he says will work in the X710BT X910BT X7115BT X9115BT...yet Pioneer lists nothing for these units...has anyone trying one of these off e-bay ? Thanks
  3. DSC01816.JPG

    Added woodgrain and a new start up screen to the truck.also added HD radio to the Avic 910bt
  4. AVIC install

  5. Which cable for iPod?

    BEWARE..I hooked up my I-touch with the same generic cable I use to hook it to my TV and it DID NOT work properly.Yes it did connect but it did not show the I-pod touch screen on the monitor and movies were impossable to navigate and songs showed no menu although they did play.I went on line on bought the Pioneer CD-IU230V which is made for this unit..it has not only the av jacks but a usb jack..and its great.I get a screen on my headunit that looks exactly like an I-pod and the touch wheel on the I-pod works like an actual i-pod.Movies can be fast forwarded..folders can be browsed thru,,you can set it to play by artist..shuffle or scroll.Just like the I-pod.You CANT do this with a non pioneer cable.Although a generic cable will work but its functions are limited and not worth it.
  6. Other Mp3 players

    I just bought the cables to hook my droid incredible to it...The only problem is I have to unhook my I-touch because it used the same AV inputs.Theres is also a AV2 input jack on the front of trhe unit..well at least on my Avic 910bt..and you can plug in an MP3 player there if you want.I did that for a while using a male to male cable before I purchased the proper cable for my I-touch.I didn't like the cable hanging off the unit so I bought the cable and ran it into my center console..bought a used I-touch on craigslist and loaded it with music and movies and mounted it in the console also.Nice and clean.I bought the droid cables just to see if it would work..it does but I like the I-touch better.I just use the cables now to show the droid on the big screen in the house.
  7. I see this is a older posting but if someone reads this and has the wireless remote could you tell me where it plugs into the head unit.I ask because I believe I'm using all the available outputs on my Avic 910bt and I dont want to take apart my dash to peek at the back of the unit if I dont have to..I have the PAC SWI-PS steering wheel control,sirius input,droid incredible input,extra monitor,HD radio and back up camera.Where would the wireless remote plug in.Off hand I would guess where my sterring wheel controls are ? And if so is there a bridge so can I run both units the pac SWI-PS and the pac WRI-P ? Thanks