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  1. Hi, i am trying to get some compatible app's on my iphone 5 but the screen on my iphone for downloading apps says its not connected but it is connected .... also when i click on the button for compatible apps, i get nothing ..... anyone has a idea what may be the problem here?
  2. Is there a hack so that the arning screen can be removed for my (EU) F950bt?
  3. Can somebody make 2 or 3 nice start-up screens for my F950Bt? One with the logo of my favorite (German) football team, Schalke 04 and one with the logo of my car, Opel? I love the wallpapers i've seen here with the carbon backgrounds ....
  4. Hi, Yesterday i bought a new avic F920bt. As i installed everything, and i saw the start-up screen, it says that the maps that are installed are from 2009 .... Are there no newer maps available for my avic F 920 bt (Belgium, Europe)? Because on the pioneer site i cant find any updates for my avic ..... Greetings Tommy Ps. Sorry for my bad english, i'm dutch
  5. can i download the EU version somewhere on this forum? An is it difficult to instal it, the non official way? Is there a tutorial here? Sorry for my bad english .....
  6. That's what i'm scared for ... Can you give an example at a random online shop what the good ones are? Greetz
  7. Is it not dangerous if i make paper labels for my downloaded disks? I mean, don't they come off after a wile or get heated up in the disk reader? Sorry for my bad english. I read it perfectly but writing
  8. Here are the nzb's for the European version. I dl them a few weeks ago and the work just fine http://binsearch.info/index.php?q=CNDV_ ... font=small
  9. Hi folks, I just downloaded the European version of CNDV-90. Tomorrow i'm gonna buy verbatim's +R DL. I think this is one of the only DL that got no problems with the avic D3BT. Or are there other good brands? And wath is the correct way of burning the ISO? Greetz fiestaboyke PS. Sorry for my bad english, i'm Belgian
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