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  1. AVIC - N1 bypass w/Hi-res board scans..

    [quote name="binderim"]Get a CitcuitWriter and connect these. I do not have an n1 but this is in the same area as the n2 and n3[/quote] Is this the correct area to solder the jumper wire for the N1? I recently updated my N1 with the 90 discs and now I get that pop up window while playing movie while in motion. I found this thread but not a clear cut what to do.
  2. Came here for advice.

    I used to have an Avic N1 in my "weekend" car and long story short it was put in van because my wife know the "in" and "outs" of the N1, and I was going to put the next latest and greatest Avic in my car. Here is my problem now the latest and greatest Avics don't appear to support all the equipment that I had for the N1. Here is what Pioneer "add-ons" that I have: Pioneer AXM-P8000 (5.1 controller) Pioneer DEQ-P8000 (5.1 processor) Pioneer CDX-P680 (6 Disc CD changer) Pioneer XDV-P90 (6 Disc DVD changer) Pioneer GEX-P910XM (XM tuner) The advice I am needing is: What is the best Avic to get that will utilize all of this plus B/T interface for a HTC touch pro? I would like a double din model and i-pod interface. IF I was to choose without any insite that might be offered here I would pick a Z3. Thank you in advance for your input

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