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  1. An alternative for iPhone users

    So, now that you've had a chance to play with this, is there anything that you would have done differently; i.e. anything that doesn't quite work the way it should or do you think you have the dream setup? I really want to pursue this because it sounds like it could pass the test longer than a Pioneer unit alone could. Basically HU recommendations, android stick recommendations. Thanks.
  2. NEX Owners' Opinions Wanted

    So I have the AVH (DVD) unit, and it is barely two years old, and I was wondering if NEX owners would chime in on their experience with the unit so far and, if possible, compare to the AVH units. I am considering selling my AVH unit for a NEX unit to be one step closer to CarPlay, and was really wondering if I would lose anything by upgrading to the newer unit. When I bought my AVH-x5500bhs, I chose it over the AppRadio models mainly for the simple reason that if the appmode stuff fell on its face I would have a good unit to fall back on. Are people buying these just to be 'Carplay-ready' or can these units stand well on their own?
  3. First day of summer

    If I start the car in the 'LIVE' app I get the accept prompt from the AppRadio app. So to avoid touching the phone at all I just start in the AppRadio app then jump to the LIVE app from the dash. 5 seconds tops... And I agree so far. Clock. Weather. Music. All On the same screen and switching between them is instant. Pioneer finally did something right lol.
  4. First question: Im not sure how my unit paired with my phone does it(x5500bhs w/ iphone 3gs) but I never have to allow or do anything on the phone itself. Maybe AppEx has something to do with that or not, running on ios 6.1.3. Ive just uploaded a video on youtube of my app mode setup if you wanna have a look..( ) Second question: I dont know if you use the iphone 4s as a dedicated device for the appradio or not, but from my experience you only get the ipod mode auto play when connecting the phone AFTER you power on the unit. if its already connected when powering up then you get the last selected source. My phone is always connected so not a problem for me.
  5. App Mode help

    I've been watching vids on YouTube and other places trying to see other people's setups and maybe grab some ideas, and while doing that I noticed that while im in AppMode listening to the ipod source I dont get music info on the bottom banner when switching tracks or adjusting the volume. Is there a setting I'm missing or what? Here's a pic of what I'm talking about. Sorry for the quality ( time for a Galaxy S4 or 5)
  6. Appradio 3 FM reception can be poor

    I dont have the AR3 (x5500bhs) but I've had the same problem as well. With the stock head unit or the z110 I had before this unit reception was perfect. I think it may have something to do with the HD radio installed in these newer units and the antenna setup on my vehicle, I dont have an actual 'antenna' on my car so that may be my problem (Its one of those 'woven into the back window' antennas). Plus it doesnt bother me as much as it's probably the least used source by me.
  7. backup camera operation

    Sorry guys, have to admit I've been an idiot. I somehow overlooked that there is a 'dedicated' input for the rear camera in. I was unaware of this and plugged my camera into the video in port. So i'll try to install it again in a few days. Thanks.
  8. I would like to inquire about the code as well Mike. I have done a lot of coding using C and Java in Eclipse and would love to take a look as well.
  9. So I bought me a backup camera for my car to go along with my x5500bhs...however I cannot get the freaking thing to display in rear camera mode. At first I thought it was the camera, but when I switch the source to AV I can see the camera perfectly. I've read as much of the info on these forums as I possibly could to no avail. I tried all combinations of switching the camera polarity setting(battery ground off) along with the rear camera option in the source menu( rear view off/on) and nothing seems to work. Is it possible that the micro bypass affects it in any way? Ive also gone into appmode to trigger the parking brake warning screen and press ok hoping that was the answer but nope didn't work. Please help if you can. Thanks.
  10. Interesting new setup

    Nice video. Just wondering, you are controlling the ipod touch 3g from the head unit? And the only thing you did to get video out was install resupported? Was hoping to do what you've done with an iphone 3gs. Thanks again
  11. Is there anyone out there using this AppEX with an iPhone 3gs that cares to share experiences? I really dont want to go buy an iPhone 4s just to use GPS on my head unit...x5500bhs by the way. Thanks in advance.
  12. x5500bhs video

    Ok I finally figured this out (well, not by my experimentation but by way of YouTube). The best thing I believe to do for all units would be to convert all videos to the .divx format that, so far, is 100 percent compatible with the 50 or so videos that I have done. As long as you select either the home theater profile (usually the best option) or the hd 1080p profile (larger file size, resolution) the video will playback perfectly. For anybody having this problem, you will need to download the divx converter package from divx[dot]com and as stated earlier select either home theater or hd 1080p. Hope this helps someone. Thanks!
  13. What do you mean by this? Does GPS instruction not come through the head unit? That seems kind of pointless...
  14. I'm curious about this as well. I've tried some of the newest androids on the market and so far none of them display bt info. And I don't think it's the player because power amp has a specific setting to output metadata and it doesn't work either. Waiting for someone to bless us with the answer. Thanks.
  15. x5500bhs video

    Hello, just installed the x5500 2 weeks ago and love it so far. Got mostly everything working, but still waiting on iphone 4s/iu201s to try out appmode( mainly for GPS capabilities). In the meantime I was wanting to put some videos from youtube on USB to listen and 'glance' while I drive, but every format I try the unit will not play. I've tried mp4/mpeg-2/avi and from what i understand this unit does not support the h.264 standard. Anyone run into this or have any ideas? Thanks in advance.