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  1. Any news? Or this process of cracking going to take a while... Just wondering because i honestly have no clue how it works. Thanks
  2. not cracked So it's essentially out there so someone can crack it and put up a cracked rapidshare file? Thanks for the info
  3. So i downloaded the rapidshare files. My question is , is this a fully cracked and working version or just an image that someone needs to crack? Please don't blast me, i've read through the thread but i'm still a little lost. Thank you
  4. Any news on when this will be available to us Canadians? It's not on the Canadian Pioneer website...
  5. Well when i did read the posts i hadn't seen the answers anywhere. I'm a member on many many different car blogs and tech blogs and trust me i know very well what the search is for. I hadn't looked at the Video and after watching it you're right in the last 20 seconds you do get some sort of info but nothing concrete. Instead of calling me out the way you did you maybe could have just pointed me in the right direction or just answered my questions since you already knew the answers... Anyways so the bottom line is after all this wait our answer is no one knows yet? There might be a soft
  6. I've read all the Roadshow threads and none of them talk about what we will miss out on the Z110BT or what will be upgradeable? Essentially what are the differences between the two? I know software wise they're pretty different but any hardware differences? Will we be able to get a software upgrade that gives us everything the Z120BT does? Just bought my Z110BT about 3 weeks ago and these are important questions i'm sure to many Z110BT owners. Thanks
  7. Found it. Perfect. Thank you very much
  8. Thank you but i just checked page 170 of the owner's manual and it talks about voice commands... Nothing related to my question. Thanks again for the help but i have yet to find the answer.
  9. Whenever i am using the bluetooth connection in the car and i'm on the phone , the music that is playing just partially fades in the backround. And there's no possible way of lowering the volume of the music. This is a huge annoyance and really makes the phone call that much harder to hear. Is there a way to make the music completely stop when a call comes in? Or lower the volume of the music while i'm on the actual call? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. Sorry i can't find it. A link would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.
  11. Can you tell me how to get into the DVD diagnostic mode. Couldn't find it anywhere in the User Manual that came in the box. Thanks
  12. Ok well first off it's absolutely insane that Pioneer doesn't stand by it's warranty and i will stick to my point. What difference does it make where i buy it? 1800$ at Best Buy or 800$ on Ebay? Pioneer as a company offers 1 year warranty on their product and should honour it regardless of where it was purchased. I've purchased multiple electronic items online before either from forum members or retail outlets or ebay and whenever i've had a problem the warranty has always been valid. And that's how it should be. Example : Apple. I've purchased many computers online before and do yo
  13. Hi everyone, So as the title says i'm in a bit of a jam. I purchased a Pioneer Avic Z110BT online and received it last week. Spent a few hours at a local shop getting it installed in my new car. Once everything was pretty much done we went ahead and started it up. Everything works fine except for the fact that the unit won't open up or tilt. I've tried resetting the unit and that didn't help. Searched through the forums and saw a few people with the same issues. Apparently it's a bad motor. So i went ahead and called Pioneer and to my huge surprise they're telling me that if i don't have a
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