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  1. Things I miss from my older Z-series

    I've sold my vehicles with the D2 and Z2 installed. I never used voice command, just never thought about it. My current truck has a factory GPS with bad bluetooth, decent Nav and a decent Sirius interface and pretty much no other features. Try dealing with that for a year or so, you'll be in love with the Z110.
  2. I'm in South Jersey, so my installer won't matter. Look for a shop that does high end work and in house repairs. My install was a while ago, maybe $300.00 to install. My DVD player is separate from the screen.
  3. Should be able to, but you will probably need to have it install by a pro (not best buy). My D3 is hooked in to my Ford Excursion factory DVD player and screen. I can watch what they're watching in the back or watch a different DVD from the D3.
  4. G1 with "cupcake" supports AD2P

    Mmmmm... cupcakes
  5. D1 questions

    Nobody answered huh? The D1 will not play DVDs. The only way to test it is to power it up. I had a D2, the GPS was fine, got me where I had to go in the US and Canada. I'm sure you can download the west map somewhere or you can buy them on the Pioneer website. I'd hold off a while, the newest maps should be released soon.
  6. Pioneer AVIC-Z3 is now disco - new model is AVICZ110BT

    Probably beta testing before released. You will have to wait 19 days for release.
  7. Some Questions!

    Looks like the AVIC-Z3. Check out that forum here.
  8. I've had Nav Traffic for a few years now and the one time I let it re-route me, it sent me through the Bronx in NY to avoid traffic on I95. I'm pretty sure that added an hour to my drive. I'm thinking about cancelling it along with XM and switching to Sirius. I really am having a hard time justifying the extra $9.99/ month for Nav Traffic. Anybody have and positive Nav Traffic stories?
  9. I'm thinking about going with the new Kenwood. Parrott bluetooth, Garmin nav and newer model have MSN. What's not to love?
  10. I ask of ugly for my avic f700bt for sil pleases you

    Yes, that can happen. thanks
  11. I need a car. Can somebody post a place to buy it and help me find some money? I live in NJ, can somebody point that out on a map so I know how to get home if I leave my cell today? Please post picture or a video, because I'm going to have to use the bathroom soon.
  12. ford f-250 nav-radio hack

    http://www.navtv.com/ http://www.tvandnav.com/?gclid=CP6Kj8La ... Ggod31GfSw There are some more, google it.
  13. Who changes the button colors? Where did you get that done?
  14. Dear God?

    Same thing happened to me. It means you are in invincible mode. I drove right through a brick wall with no damage at all.
  15. Sold quite a few and has 100% feedback. http://cgi.ebay.com/Pioneer-GPS-Navigat ... 7C294%3A50