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  1. EU Firmware on US Models?

    Hi, I am in the same boat, I am using US model in UK and my new iphone 4s is not ceenecting to the my AVIC f700bt, so i thought i shoul dupgrde the avic with eu firmware Any body please advice
  2. I am able to run music and videos from my wife Xperia X10 which i srunning andriod 2.0. But I am not able to play music or video from my Samusng galaxy which is running 2.2 Foryo. I have tried all the options mass storage, media player the Kies. Any one here who can help Regards Shaz
  3. Hi I need some help here. I am trying to connect my Samsung galaxy s mobile with Pioneer f700bt unit in my car but it is not detecting it. I have used the usb setting in samsung galaxy and tried to connect with all three options i.e. Kies, Media player, USB storage. But none of the option working with F700bt. My F700 BT is on firmware 3.1 and samsung galaxy is on Foryo 2.2 ANy help please Regards Shaz
  4. A Few Good Mods... (works on 3.01 FW)

    Come On every one. SOme body please upload these files.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I will try today once get at home. Will update the thread with result. Regards Shaz
  6. I have tried 1GB cared but it is not detected. Unit still can detect SD card in test mode Regards Shaz
  7. Thanks for your reply. I am using 2 GB capacity SD card. I will try 1 GB one to see if it works Regards Shaz
  9. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    Hey Guys!!!! if any one of you knows why my unit is not detecting the SD card. I have formatted it with FAT32 put inside simple mp3 format audio files but still my unit can not detect the SD card. ANY help Please !!1 Regards Shaz
  10. Unit Description Unit: F700BT US Version (using in UK) FW: X Series 3.0201 update, Using this Thread (viewtopic.php?f=34&t=32351) I have upgraded from version 2 to 302.01 directly using the above thread instruction and image files. Problem Description Every thing is working fine. I have changed the maps of US to UK one and the navi is working good. MY biggest issue is this the unit can not detect SD card while in normal state. i.e playing My unit can detect the SD card if used in test mode, and it can go into test mode. But when playing normal no matter what it does not dtect my SD cards. I have formatted SD card with Fat 32 also i have been through different threads explaining what types of files F700 can play. I am only putting mp3 and avi files. But the unit is not detecting the card and it SD card icon is dead in AV sources. PLEASE HELP !!!!!! Regards Shaz
  11. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    OK I finally got it working on my F700bt US version. BUT I have got following issues: 1. my unit can not detct any SD card ****BIG PROBLEM***** PLEASE HELP *** I can boot my unit using SD card, but when unit is running in its normal state it can not detect SD card 2. I am living in UK so i have downloaded the UK iGO from torrent link given inside this thread. I have changed the files inside the map folder. I have also drag and drop buildings and poi folders, its working good. The only thing I can not figure out is the speed cam stuff. if i copy the contents of speed cam (UK version) I into the speed cam folder (US version that came with this update) and then boot the system, it goes into "system start up progress, please wait" + booting loop state. I will appreciate if some one please shed some lights on the above problem Thanks in advance Regards Shaz
  12. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    F700 bt US version Working in UK
  13. A Few Good Mods... (works on 3.01 FW)

    Can any body else upload these files whilst dan is absent. I am sure lot of people would have these files. Regards Shaz
  14. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    I have installed the image. deleted all the US maps from maps directory. Dl maps of europe given in this thread Woola! ITs working Thanks for the upload again. Regards Shaz
  15. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    Hey. Thank you very much for this stuff mate. I am going through the upgrade will update you guys soon. I have got f700bt version, from US. FW = 2.0 Will be converting the maps into Europe one. All files including EU maps will be seeded till tomorrow as they are available now through my u-torrent client Regards Shaz