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  1. AVIC S2 Unlocked

    You need to click that white stripe at the bottom of the screen, it's actually the start menu. Once you have the start menu up you can open windows explorer from programs. As far as transferring files to the unit just copy the files you want to your SD card and then from windows explorer copy you can copy the files from your sd card to the flash disk.
  2. F500BT 3.0 PLT and APL dump..

    here you go.. viewtopic.php?f=34&t=27581&start=30#p206352 Thank you I see FW 3.0 in my future
  3. F500BT 3.0 PLT and APL dump..

    I hate that my first post is a request but can someone re-up the PLT? I would be eternally grateful as I looked everywhere for this when I first got my F500BT but no one had it then. Google was kind enough to direct me to the APL but I can't find the PLT. Please help!!