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  1. Z1 upped to Z3 Screen Tilt

    I couldn’t find it in the big manual but I did find it on the Quick Start guide. Sorry for the trouble.
  2. I’ve searched the website and ran through the manual and can’t locate anything. Perhaps not using the correct search parameters. Some how I changed the screen tilt angle and can’t figure out how to get back to that setting to put it back to no tilt. Can someone please tell me how to get back to that setting so I can set it back?
  3. AVIC Z3 touch buttons not aligned

    There is a calibration. Hold down the "v" button to go to that screen. Thank you
  4. AVIC Z3 touch buttons not aligned

    I may be wrong about that. Is there a service menus?
  5. I have read through to posts but didn't see anything on this subject. Is there a procedure for reorientation of the touch buttons/touch screen on my AVIC Z3? The buttons seem to be off upwards about 1/4". Any way to fix this?
  6. AVIC Z1/Z2/Z3 Upgrade to 2012 TomTom Maps Released!

    Again Thank You Garret. I was willing to send my hard drive to you and pay. This time you saved me money and spelled out word by word how to perform the upgrade. You are scholar and a gentleman. Thank you for your hard work. The update went flawlessly. Charlie
  7. Garret 2mey's Z3 Drives...ARE AWESOME

    I second that. Charlie