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  1. SD Video Question - x940bt

    Doesn't work (never has). From the manual section regarding rear display settings:
  2. Kartenupdate/Mapupdate 2017 AVIC F930BT

    I do not know what your problem was, but what you said is not generally true. I have never uncompressed directly to the SD. There should be no difference in the files if done correctly.
  3. External hard drive compatibility

    A spinning hard drive might require more power than the HU provides. Also, check the owners manual appendix for limitations on format, size, and the number of files.
  4. I have no idea. I don't think it would even work (new firmware with old maps). They are built together. Also I don't think there would be any noticeable benefit. Keep in mind that 2015 maps aren't exactly obsolete. Maybe someone with F series hardware has been able to install a 3rd party app (such as igo). I don't get involved with that.
  5. Nope. No idea about Aus maps or where to get them. You might have to find your local Pioneer web site and buy them. Maybe someone else has a better idea.
  6. It should, but I don't have one. Running this won't hurt - so go ahead.
  7. Although I can't read the message, I've never seen that screen. I have two thoughts. It is possible that commando's navi.exe file did not patch all the calls to "nag" screen instances. You could manually copy my patched navi.exe to both prg0 and prg1. Sometimes weird things happen after a firmware update. You can do a hard reset by disconnecting the battery for ~30 seconds. If neither of those fix it, I've got no ideas.
  8. I have the same hardware (Z110) and i use a wired iTouch with the 30pin connector. I have never seen a nag screen using my iTouch. Are you using the iPod app (source) or are you using App Mode?
  9. Looks like they removed them from Navigation.com web-site. Their link does the same thing. Here's the files: Pioneer_2017_maps-Z110-CRD5009A.pdf Pioneer_2017_maps-Z130-CRD5006A.pdf
  10. Did you replace the Cardinfo.cif file on the SD? The one in the ZIP is for Z130 or Z140
  11. I never used App Mode - didn't even know it worked with a nano. I can only suggest doing a hard reset by disconnecting the car battery for a couple minutes. This often cures odd behavior after a firmware update.
  12. What do you mean? how is your iPod connected? Did you try AV System Settings/App Connection?
  13. Hold the eject button for about 5 seconds. You might need to cycle the power while holding the eject. BTW, if you got that error you did something wrong. Do not modify any files on the SD except cardinfo.cif (if necessary). BTW, the instruction in that link are to restart the install. The way to abort the install is - put the super testmode.key on a SD or usb, put that in, and it should boot to testmode. go into file maintenance, and remove the file: USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log this will kick the unit out of upgrade mode, and should restart into regular mode on next power up (remember to remove the TestMode SD).
  14. Avic F930BT

    Try turning off Demo Mode in the Navi Settings menu. Download the manual pdf from Pioneer's web site. It is easily searched.