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  1. Power antenna control for X920bt

    I have it in ANT CTRL in AV System Settings (Power or Radio). Since I have a traffic tuner, I set it to Power. But my antenna is just a wire in the windshield, so nothing to wear out.
  2. The splash screen doesn't get changed. You wouldn't want it changing if you had a custom image. You may be able to refresh it manually in System Settings/Splash Screen. If you were running firmware v1.x, there would be big differences and new functions (Pandora and AHa). Don't forget to update the Bluetooth firmware in the BT settings. It uses this same SD image.
  3. On your map update SD, replace CARDINFO.CIF with this one. CARDINFO.cif
  4. F930bt test mode

    This http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83597-security-password-removal-script/
  5. Parasitic Battery Drain - AVIC 8200 NEX

    A disclaimer: I know nothing about a 8200, so I can't help much. But I was wondering if you leave anything plugged-in to the USB (an iPod maybe) that could consume power even if the ignition is off.
  6. Pin 38 in your wiring diagram looks promising. I checked my 987 diagram and it looks comparable to my pin 19 (both BRN/WHT and go to a module on the right side of the frunk). To access you'll have to remove some of the liner plastic trim. Probable just held by a few screws.
  7. I have a 987.2. so your 981 wiring may be different. Is that a 981 wiring diagram? I have printed instructions from the EuroMotorSpeed kit. It says to remove the cover over the brake fluid reservoir and you'll find a black 46 pin connector with all the wires for ABS. On mine, it was the BRN/WHT wire going to pin 19. Your's looks different. Basically, any wire that pulses when any wheel rotates will work.
  8. Maybe if you stated the model and yr someone could tell how to connect VSS to a pulse wire. Hint - it is in your ABS harness below the brake fluid reservoir. Probably White/Brown for Porsche.
  9. Yes. you can undo it if you kept the SD that you used intact. But it is not necessary and would have no effect. You can not redo the update. What troubleshooting are you referring to?
  10. OK, I didn't realize you'd installed the 2012 update. That's why no PRG.FLG file. The unit has two sets of files under USER. PRG0 and PRG1. Initially they are identical copies and PRG0 is the "active" one. Each successive map/app update alternates between the two directories. So 2012 overwrote PRG1. And 2017 overwrote PRG0. The way the boot loader knows which one is "active" is by the absence (PRG0) or presence (PRG1) of PRG.FLG. Initially PRG.FLG didn't exist, so PRG0 was "active". When you installed 2012, PRG1 became "active" and the installationer created PRG.FLG. Then you installed 2017, which overwrote PRG0 and deleted PRG.FLG. PRG.FLG is just an empty file. So you might try making a file on your computer and copying it to /USER. It is worth a try, and if it doesn't help, it can easily be undone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Above is the last time I had posted. I mistakenly created a new account as I couldnt remember the previous one. RonS was attemting to help me, but sadly, life got in the way and the fix was never completed. As far as "creating" a PRG.FLG file, I'm a bit lost. I can create a text document and name it PRG.FLG if thats what you're saying here. Otherwise, please instruct me on what to do. It's been over a month since I reached out to the community, and havent heard anything. I hope this forum hasnt died as it would be missed greatly by those that need it. Thanks, JaxBadDad a.k.a. synapse911 : ) Yes, you can create PRG.FLG many ways. Open an editor and save a file. Just make sure it is named PRG.FLG. I'm not sure it will make any difference. Pioneer Bluetooth is kind of flakey. Always has been. It works for me only if, on startup, I set the audio source to some non-bluetooth source - like iPod. Then wait for the phone to get connected (BT) to the head unit. I can then switch over to Pandora (or any other source that uses BT). If none of the above helps, I guess that's all I can do.
  11. SD Video Question - x940bt

    Doesn't work (never has). From the manual section regarding rear display settings:
  12. Kartenupdate/Mapupdate 2017 AVIC F930BT

    I do not know what your problem was, but what you said is not generally true. I have never uncompressed directly to the SD. There should be no difference in the files if done correctly.
  13. External hard drive compatibility

    A spinning hard drive might require more power than the HU provides. Also, check the owners manual appendix for limitations on format, size, and the number of files.
  14. I have no idea. I don't think it would even work (new firmware with old maps). They are built together. Also I don't think there would be any noticeable benefit. Keep in mind that 2015 maps aren't exactly obsolete. Maybe someone with F series hardware has been able to install a 3rd party app (such as igo). I don't get involved with that.
  15. Nope. No idea about Aus maps or where to get them. You might have to find your local Pioneer web site and buy them. Maybe someone else has a better idea.