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  1. Anyone receive their REBATE for the x920BT?

    The rebate website lists mine as valid and approved for final processing. The received date is 11/19/10.
  2. Pandora App with Ipod Touch & X920BT

    Sweet. Thanks VBLUE42
  3. My apologies if this is covered elsewhere. I was wondering if anyone is using an Ipod Touch (Current model) with the Pandora app and the Pioneer Pandora app to stream Pandora to the X920BT? Pandora App http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pandora-radio/id284035177?mt=8 Pioneer Pandora Link http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pandoralink-for-pioneer/id366448303?mt=8
  4. Quality of Navigation?

    VBLUE42 . I realized now how I figured this out. If you go to the main AVIC FEEDS mobile page on Pioneers site http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Products/CarAudioVideo/In-Dash/GPS-Navigation-Systems/AVIC+FEEDS+App+for+Smartphones they have links for iphone and blackberry and nothing at all for anything else BUT in the fine print at the bottom of the page I read "iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. BLACKBERRY is a registered trademark of Research in Motion Limited. SYMBIAN is a registered trademark of Symbian Foundation Limited." This is what set me on the quest to find it.

    Although you would be hard pressed to find evidence it exists, it does! I use it on my Nokia E71 http://store.ovi.com/search?q=avic
  6. AVIC FEEDS for Symbian

    I use it on the Nokia e71 . Hardly any evidence it exists from Pioneer, but it does! http://store.ovi.com/search?q=avic
  7. AVIC FEEDS for Symbian

    So I have a Nokia E71 and had heard there was a AVIC Feeds version for Symbian but there is no mention that I could find on Pioneer's website. I emailed them, but no reply. But it does exist! http://store.ovi.com/search?q=avic
  8. Quality of Navigation?

  9. Quality of Navigation?

    Here it is http://store.ovi.com/search?q=avic Not sure how many models it works on or why it's so "secret" but it works on my E71 just like it is supposed to. You can take geo tagged photos and create geo tagged contacts. Cray huh?
  10. Quality of Navigation?

    I know huh? I guess I just got lucky - you would never know it exists. So you really want to know where it is? I even emailed Pioneer and they never responded I started thinking AVIC FEEDS For Symbian? That must be just made up
  11. Quality of Navigation?

    You're right. I am describing the process to create a POI or favorite with the AVIC feeds PC software. Which would also give you one touch navigation ability. The Avic feeds for phone is how I made the contacts that transferred to the phonebook. However you did forget that there is a symbian version Give me a break I figured all the crappy pioneer software out ( Avic for PC. Avic for phone, and Music Sphere of death ) all on the day I got the deck and haven't used any of them since.
  12. Quality of Navigation?

    You have got to be kidding me. Yes I have used it. That is why I just described to you how you use it. The file can be saved in the avic feeds programs a contact. Would you like me to post a tutorial with screen shots of each step?????
  13. Quality of Navigation?

    you obviously have no idea how the software works. I shouldn't even enlighten you since you were so quick to nay say my initial post. The Avic feeds for the PC allows you to use google maps ( the web site ) http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl Type in whatever address or place "yankee stadium" when the result comes up you can select more form the place marker and "Send" you then have a number of choices one of which is Pioneer navigation ( See image below ) This file will get imported into the running avic feeds program which will allow you to save the location as a contact that you can output to the sd card and transfer to your deck.
  14. MusicSphere

    I allowed it to analyze 6,000 songs on my ipod overnight - the playlists make no sense to me at all. The sphere is neat looking but really of no functional use. Let me add if the playlists were good i would think this is a decent feature. However since the playlists are pretty much nonsensical it is no more than a gimmick.
  15. Quality of Navigation?

    My phone is a Nokia E71. Is this one of the two phones you claim it would only work on? Also the Avic Feeds software for PC is what I used not the Avic feeds software for iphone or android or symbian. You sure do talk a lot of smack vblue. Here is the avic feeds software for PC - no idea why you could not use this with any cell phone http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Products/CarAudioVideo/In-Dash/GPS-Navigation-Systems/Download+AVIC+FEEDS I should also mention I took a 1200 mile round trip recently (FL to NC )and the 920 did pretty well. One real nice thing I noticed is where I was staying to the highway had two possible routes. For the sake of simplicity lets say the 920 wanted me to go left out the driveway and I preferred to go right. After going right the first two times it never suggested left again. For complaints inputting a destination takes getting used to and two times it had me a few feet off the road on the map. In fairness these were winding back roads. Overall I was pleased with it.