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  1. ebay maps

    2018Q4 for 8400NEX?
  2. Save NEX Settings

    I do not believe there is. I take photos on my phone of all the screens before I attempt updates and such. The 1.06 firmware update for CarPlay today did NOT reset any settings.
  3. What happened to the good deals?

    I used crutchfield. I had $200 in rewards with them, so I feel like I got a deal :-/
  4. updates since the hit and run accident

    Love plasti dip! Looks great!
  5. What happened to the good deals?

    I had the Crawford one in my cart for days waiting to pull the trigger. $959, then $988, then at $1051. I am glad I held off from buying it from them. I paid a little more through a authorized dealer, but got it in 2 days. In the end, we all end up with the awesomeness of the 8000NEX!
  6. iPhone 3GS (3.0) and Alert sounds

    Thanks I will have to check out the VM feature, that would be great if we can hear it through the HU now!
  7. All please see this thread. If this issue does NOT happen on the F series, then I need to sell my D3 and get an F series as this does not work for me! viewtopic.php?f=6&t=25184
  8. All iPhone 3.0 users and GS users, Please verify: With the introduction of Bluetooth Streaming, the alert sounds for mail, new Text Messages, Calendar Alerts, ETC, are all now unavailable while connected to your D3 with Bluetooth. Because the alert sounds are being read as Bluetooth Audio signals the alert sounds do NOT come through while driving and connected to Bluetooth. The creates a BIG problem as we are NOT notified of any texts, voicemail's, or an calendar events unless Bluetooth Audio is selected as your audio source. This REALLY sucks because no sound will come your iPhone now when synced to your D3 bluetooth. Can everyone please test this, you do not even get the unlock click when swiping the unlock bar at the home screen!
  9. I have this problem on my unit, and had it on the unit I exchanged before. It has happened on 2 D3's of mine and now I see the problem more often with other people. Pioneer denies this a problem, and I have done everything: Replace Antenna, Relocate antenna, Rewire unit, install brand new harnesses from Pioneer I bought, my only other thought is that it is the unit not OK with a bypass. I wish someone could get an answer. See my previous threads/posts http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... highlight= http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... highlight=
  10. D3, puts me in LA, Cali

    Here is my original thread on it: http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... highlight=
  11. D3, puts me in LA, Cali

    I have had this happen to me on 2 different units, I do not know if it is the bypass or not. All of a sudden after about 340 miles of driving it acts like there is no antenna signal, sticks me in LA until I reset the unit. I have used the same harness that was installed from my first unit I exchanged, my only option is to switch out to a new harness, maybe a pin is faulty? I am having a tough time with this because I have rewired the unit 3 times and made sure all grounds are proper and all soldering is perfect. Pioneer could not give me any reasoning to this as well.
  12. Talked to the very helpful Pioneer Tech support..... they kept blaming it on my antenna, even though I have all but 1 bar active most of the time. Finally after explaining that I have all bars, he said it was most likely a defective unit, to do an over the counter exchange since I am under the 30 day mark.
  13. ANYbody have any ideas, I am almost ready to take this back to Best Buy, and exchange, but they do not have any in stock, so I may be w/o a head unit for a week or 2.....
  14. Yes only one GPS satellite was not showing, the first time, and all where present the second time. VSS should have nothing to do with the positioning, as my D2 was hooked up for 5 months with no issues.
  15. I have had this problem happen 3 times. It tells me I am in Los Angeles, right by HWY 101/Hollywood Freeway and keeps me there. This happened 1 time after I haven't driven the car for a few days and when I drive it keeps me positioned in the same spot, and doesnt move the position, but recognizes when I turn my turning the marker. The last time it happened, I was driving on the highway, had directions being displayed and was in route. All of a sudden it jumped me to the SAME location in Los Angeles, and doesnt move at all when I drive. Then last time I was in SF, CA, and I was driving down market street. I keyed in return home, it started to calculate route, and then brought me back to the SAME location in Los Angeles, and did the same thing until I reset it. Driving around, waiting for GPS to "re-see" my position doesn't work either as I have driven for 30 minutes and it never moves me from that one spot in LA until I reset the unit. Any ideas? I am using the Bypass and have no VSS hooked up.