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  1. I have ordered my Avic Z120 and it will be shipping on Friday the 4th from Crutchfield, the question I have is this: I have read about the hack for Z110 and have also read that it's not working on a GM vehicle due to the use on needing the mute wire for the On-Star. Is this true or is their a workaround for this? I just would like to get it working on the first install I love my Z3 and I sure this will be awesome in my other vehicle. Thanks in advance..
  2. Update.. Works like a charm, I used 2 1 amp diods to direct the flow of source power to the Avic rear input. I mounted a momentary switch under the steering colum, this allows me to tap the switch while parking to see the curb or to see other things infront of me. The rear is 100% normal in every way nothing changed there at all. Here are some pictures: Front Camera Rear Camera Hidden Switch Dash after fiberglass and paint
  3. If I use the reverse signal from the actual lights how would I be able to use the feature that shows the camera view from the Map View Selection Screen? I also would like to tie a second camera in for a front view to show the curb as I pull up to park, could I use a Y splitter to the backup (brown) RCA connector and then put a momentary switch to power it on and off. (Or is this a stretch) Mat
  4. It now seems to be the Avic Z, I unhooked the camera and RCA's from the Z and it still flashes to the black screen you get for the camera when not hooked up. I am using the reverse signal wire in the radio wiring harness. I will try the diod on the harness and see if that corrects this. Not a big deal to see the camera flash for a second every now and again but I want to fix it if possible,
  5. I unhooked the power and all seemed to be ok so I hooked up just the RCA to the camera and no power and the screen flashed to solid black due to the lack of power to the camera. Could the RCA have some sort of current enough to cause this? Might I need to add a ground to the RCA plug it's self? This seems strange... Any ideas? Mat
  6. This is not my first install of the Avic Z2, I had it in my old Trailblazer SS and it worked 100% no issues. I just installed it in my SRT-10 Ram and everything was just as before except for the camera will flash on at will. No ryme or reason it just switches on then back off. I checked all grounds and I even switched the hookup from the radio harness backup sencor to the rear backup light it's self. Still the same issue not sure what it could be. I even tried to use a 1/2 amp diod to keep feedback from turning it on but it was no help. I curently have the power wire of the camera hooked to
  7. I would like to add a front camera and tie it in to the rear camera so that when I pull up to park my SRT-10 I can see the bumper before it bumps the curb. I was thinking I could use a momentary switch and that way it would only have power when I held the switch in. Any other time the Z3 could controll the rear camera as usual. Will this work or do any of you have a better idea? Any ideas are welcome.. Excessv
  8. I don't drive this vehicle everyday but I got in it yesterday and noticed that the screen was flipped out part way so when I started it I heard the motor moving but the screen not. I gently moved the screen to the correct position and I can get by for now but how could I repair this my self? I mess with computers on the side so I would not be concerned with working on the unit just need to know wher to start. Thanks in advance! Mat mswartz@borcherding.com
  9. Anyone know if you can use the interface for more than just music? I was wondering If say you have a 16 Gig thumb drive could you play movies fromit since you can't the hard drive?
  10. I was wondering if I could use a 250 Samsung laptop drive I already hae and if so how much will I be able to use for music. It is a 7200rpm 16meg Harddrive, I would also think it would boot notiably faster? I did some searching but found nothing, sorry if this is a re-post.. Thanks, Mat
  11. Ok I have a Z3 installed in my 2006 Trailblazer SS, and I used a Merta GMOS-04 Harness to tap in to the factory wiring. My question is this I did the GMOS-04 Green/Purple wire to reverse signal from the Avic like it said in the instructions. I only have the camera in reverse, do I tap the reverse wire in to this same wiring or do I need to run a power lead from the Ignition to the camera? I curently hvae the camera tied to the back up light for signal. I just don't want to short the headunit out or something crazy like that. I was even thinking about tapping in to the power antenna lead sinc
  12. Is their any hack I can do to save movies to the harddrive or use a usb device to do the same?
  13. Doese this mean I could use a 250 Gig hard drive in the Z2? I'm new just wondering since he stated laptop drive up above..
  14. I have deen looking to change the boot screen on my GM NAV it's a TNR 800 and I would like to change the boot screen in my Trailblazer SS. Any help would be great.
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