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  1. Pionara everything worked perfect used the fix you provided only had to change out was the one file."If your unit does not prompt for upgrade when you put the sd card in the unit, then you may need a different CARDINFO.CIF file in the root of the SD card to get the unit to recognize the upgrade. (identityexpired reported that he had to use the cardinfo.cif from CNSD-210FM update in order to get his Z130BT to recognize the update, see post #12)." Z110-BT that made its way to Z130-BT format and now updated to the latest.
  2. Gonna test now hope i don't brick this ish SUCCESS !!!!!!
  3. Z2 Robbed!!! Insurance is replacing with what???

    Wickedklown sorry for your loss but you will be more then happy with the Z-110 or Z-120. Both these devices will give you great features.