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  1. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    Hey I'm just trying to help - don't be a jerk. I think what you are saying is that you purchased the map/system update on a SD card that resulted in system version 2.000. You asked Pioneer to send you the latest version 2.0001 and they sent you an even older version 1.0003?
  2. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    Sorry I'm not aware of the earlier update. I think this thread is concerning the latest map/system update distributed via a SD card and the associated POI's update which is distributed via a download.
  3. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    What do you mean "on their website"? The map/system update comes on a SD card right?
  4. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    Has anyone figured out how to hide the Eco graph on the navigation screen display after the update? Even with the all of the Eco modes set to off, the graph still takes space on the screen.
  5. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    Service Info Screen: Version 2.0001 One thing that may be unclear is that after you've installed the map/system update. You must go back to the Pioneer website to generate a new password based on Device ID and POI Media Number Card #
  6. Installed in a 2005 Saturn vue

    I'm thinking of fabricating a glare shield - possibly inserting it into the CD slot.
  7. POI Pack vs 2010 Map Update

    How about the "home" screen - apparently now has icons for Nav, Phone and Audio? There's supposed to be a way to customize the homescreen? What's that about? Can you confirm which functions are now unavailable when in motion even though the parking brake wire is grounded? Are you happy with the amount of new POIS? Thanks Steve
  8. What failed? The transfer of contacts or displaying the incoming call contact name? Note that this is the way that I transfer contacts via bluetooth on the iPhone. Note that I have a lot of contacts, many have multiple phone numbers and I don't want to transfer all of them. Create a Group in your contacts named something like NAVI FAVS. Add contacts to this with a single phone number and add a H or M to the name to indicate whether home or mobile. i.e. John M Smith for John Smith's mobile #. Go into Settings:General:Bluetooth. Select the right arrow for PIONEER NAVI. This will designate which contacts to transfer. Turn off Phone Favorites and Phone Recents. These do not transfer properly for some reason. Go to Other Groups on this screen and check mark the NAVI FAVS Group. (note that the AVICFEEDS group appears on this screen and you can also checkmark it if you have this APP on your iPhone and want to transfer locations from it). Now pair the phone to the head unit and go to phone settings on the head unit and select Transfer contacts. Many times this will not transfer on the first attempt and you will end up with the same contacts on the head unit that you started with. Usually a successful transfer can be made if you then turn off bluetooth on the iPhone and then turn it on, repair the phone to the head unit and try again to transfer.
  9. I thought I'd post this since a search of forum posts provides confusing (to me) information. In order to have incoming calls display the contact name instead of the just the phone number, the contact phone number must not have parentheses or dashes. It must be in this format: 2345678999. To accomplish this when syncing contacts from an iPhone. Go into Settings:General:International:Region Format:U.S. Virgin Islands. U.S. Virgin Islands is only an example of many regions that display phone numbers in the required format. Note that if you use the United States Region for this example you would get: (234) 567-8999 and this would not display correctly. Steve
  10. POI Pack vs 2010 Map Update

    Yes - I'd like to know this too.
  11. What Bluetooth functions does it support ?

    I believe that A2DP bluetooth streaming is NOT supported. I suggest using the USB connection but choosing iPod/iPhone control mode. This allows you to use the iPhone controls to start internet radio streaming (or any other app) plus the iPhone is being charged plus you can use the headunit volume and some limited other controls such as pause plus the iPhone pauses when the headunit is turned off.