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  1. SD Cards

    my PNY 2GB card works on my Z120BT... Also I got a AccuMem 8GB Class 6 that works as well...
  2. Custom Background Gallery

    I made this one for Mazda Canadian owners... currently using it in my z120bt. [img]http://freire.ca/tm3/Mazda.jpg[/img]
  3. Kenwood's got its flaws too. From what I have been reading its GUI is a tad choppy and the GUI is confusing.
  4. Vegas here we come!

    I'm in a position where I actually need a double din unit. What would you guys recommend? I'm hearing so much negativity from Pioneer users on here that its making my choices for Kenwood a go. I just don't like the interface, its really block-like and gimmicy too. I dunno what to do.. I haven't seen much demos of these products this year and I'm worried these are going to be just minor updates and no major changes. What would you guys recommend? Kenwood? Pioneer? Sony? Other?
  5. Post CES Feedback/Requests Here

    For us canadians: How will your new features draw in customers north of the border when pandora is not even offered. Will aha be offered in canada? One more question: Whats changes and upgrades to the navi system can we expect?
  6. WilliamG, They released their biggest addition to their double din HU today. It was their big news. Lets wait till tomorrow and the days coming on as we will hear more about the changes. I'm sure they have fixed a few if not most of the issues in the z120bt/110bt. In terms of the interface, I kind of knew that what they did last year was going to stay for a year or two more. So I wasn't expecting a fresh new look. I'm sure they spent most of their time with this new feature plus polishing the interface to make it "perfect". I also expect some changes done with the navigation. But in terms of GUI, it will stay the same. Just a better product.
  7. Gambling @ CES 2011 for AVIC411 Members?

    LOL you just took online gambling to a whole new level!!!
  8. Vegas here we come!

    For us Canadians, this seems like such a bust. We can't use Pandora and so far looks like aha is not available in Canada. (Can someone find out if it will be?) Also seems like Pioneer is focusing heavily on media and integrations with phones that they didnt put much effort into putting a higher volt output, 5.1 (yes 5.1 is important for those who have cars that are 5.1 and 7.1) I hope put the option to be able to scroll through a song during play. If they do this then Im sold.
  9. Vegas here we come!

    Very impressive. I'm across the border in Canada and I wonder if this will be compatabile with us Canadians. I've searched iTunes and it looks like its only available in the US right now. I wonder what else Pioneer has in store. I'm waiting to pull the plug on this unit for March. When can we expect more information? Today? Tomorrow with your hands on @ Pioneer's booth? Anyways I'd like to thank you guys personally for going out of your way and using your own money to do this for the AVIC community.