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  1. New Features on the Z4

    IF ONLY . . . postcode in Canada gets you to within 6 physical addresses... a USA zipcode gets you to "somewhere within" probably about 10 square miles NICE IDEA, pretty unpractical for USA though unless you know the ZIP+4
  2. New Features on the Z4

    1) Choice of: (a) send back your current Z and have Pioneer upgrade the CD/DVD hardware for read speed to something more capable when loading CD's into the Z OR ( Supply a piece of software that can be run on your home PC that reads your audio CD's and/or converts pre-existing MP3's, contacts CDDB real-time and creates audio files that the Z can play AND a way for you to write a disc that the Z can load fast! I would still keep the existing auto-load feature as part of the Z, just give us the addition of being able to use our high powered PC's to create audio files and structure for fast import into the Z OR © All the above =========================== 2) Better use of "right hand turns" when creating routes and optimization to exclude/minimize traffic-light junctions for prime drive-time (allowing you to define what prime-time is for your locality) ie exclude certain roads based on time maybe? maybe a way to "mark" a junction/route as being BAD at certain times of the day
  3. I just picked up 8x3M polishing pads off fleabey for $2.50 The lady refunded me $2.00 when I told her I'd posted information on MustangForums All because I got a $10 shipping coupon off ebay in the my messages section WOW, can't believe it, even @ $2.50 for 8 thats a steal and when she refunded me another $2.00 as well... geeeees, EVEN BETTER! If you're interested it's auction number 310061514312 (there's 17 sets left) when it comes to the checkout, use the shipping savings coupon code in your ebay messages to pay $2.50 for 8 polising pads SHIPPED! oh yeah, if you order more than one set of these 8 pads, pay the shipping separately on each of them, don;t combine shipping otherwise you'll only get a $10 discount total rather than $10 per item bought THEN tell tell her you got the information from MustangForums

  5. Hey guys... My first post..please read!

    I'm in Marietta, I'd be glad to help I've installed and bypassed both a Z1 and a D3 OH yeah, I can show you both working! (D3 and a Z1 ahem 3)
  6. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    AWWWW, we love you too
  7. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    Don't need to, Acronis does it automagically for you
  8. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    Yeah, even MPS didn't know there was a problem cause he didn't have his mic plugged in either!
  9. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    A valiant try my friend! Can anyone ask any more ?
  10. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    Gimme the weekend... too buch BEEEEEER tonite to do anytin lucid
  11. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    Z1 on the faceplate MegaUpload image Z1 = good Z1 -> Z2 = good (took back to Z1 for sake of upgrade) Z1 -> Z3 = bad (brought back to Z1) Z1 (good) -> Z2 (good) -> Z3 = bad
  12. Don't you just hate it ...

    Damn, that cookie is making me hungry!
  13. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    winmerge works quite well, grab it from sourceforge
  14. Don't you just hate it ...

    Cookies are on MPS...
  15. AVIC-Z3 Hard Drive Image **OFFICIAL**

    You rebooting as well?