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  1. google "vuze" and use the program they provide. Once you download a file, you drag it to itunes and it converts it to the format you want. I watched "rock - n - rolla" lost night on a road trip. Its pretty sweet.
  2. Thats funny greyhd. I was thinking the same thing. I have my unit stolen, i replaced it, and I was thinking of taking the plastic off my stock unit, since i dont really need it and can't sell it for much, and applying it to a piece of plexiglass that is same size of the new unit. It would look stock and a little velcrow would secure it. Its like a re-moveable headplate, but only opposite... Or tint your dark as hell...
  3. Wow. I just checked it out and for the same money I could spend on the cables I could but a brand new unit w/cables and swap them out. Any other suggestions? No way in going to pay over $100 for the power cable and the IP BUS.
  4. right on! Thanks for the tip. I looked on ebay for weeks now. Your the man Jason!
  5. A while back I had my head unit stolen (AVIC-D3). I know it was pretty old, but I loved that thing. My situation is I purchased a refurbished Pioneer XM unit for it prior to getting broken into and I got every channel without paying for a subscription! Pretty sick, a little unethical, but honestly.... what would you do?!?!? I was using if for over a year until my unit got stolen and all my wires were cut and other half is missing. I still have the main unit but I need new wires. Anyone know where I can get only the wires for the unit so I can keep sticking it to "the man"? I think on
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