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  1. As others have stated, the GPS receivers built into AVIC units only receive satellite broadcasts from which the unit triangulates your position. In order to track a vehicle (or AVIC), you'd need the ability to transmit GPS coordinates, for instance, over cellular networks. It is not impossible that Pioneer would add a feature like that to a future high-end AVIC, but for the time being it does not exist. There aren't really any good alternatives to tracking the AVIC itself, but you can install devices to track your vehicle should it be stolen. Of course there's OnStar in some GM vehicles an
  2. You'll probably want a Metra 88-00-8000 and 70-1761. Scorche sells similar products, so if you want to compare on price/style, you should check those out online too. http://www.metraonline.com/fitl.aspx http://www.scosche.com/car.audio.accessories It goes without saying that you will either need wire strippers and butt connectors and crimping tool or (preferably) soldering supplies. You'll also might want to look up vehicle specific information on taking off your trim so you can reach and remove your factory radio.
  3. Here's a link to information on an AVIC-F90BT installed in your generation of Civic. The U310 is the same size (Double-DIN and roughly same depth), so you should be fine. http://www.civicforums.com/forums/191-honda-civic-electrical-wiring-car-entertainment/314254-does-pioneer-f90bt-double-din-fit-03-coupe.html
  4. I don't have a Civic, but it should take any Double DIN head unit, including the U310. Presumably you'll want a dash kit and wiring harness though. The Metra 95-7899 and 70-1721 should be compatible with your car (assuming you don't have an Si).
  5. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I really like my U310. I think we all know that there are plenty of things that could be improved or fixed, but as far as I'm concerned, there's really no competition (in-dash GPS HUs) for the U310 in it's price range except for the afore mentioned Eclipse unit, which comes with its own problems. I do think the failure to provide useful POIs, or a way to usefully import POIs, is a real problem for someone looking for anything beyond basic GPS functionality. But personally, even when I used to have a portable GPS with more POIs, I would look up all of my POIs
  6. My phone has never had bluetooth dropped (original iPhone). Seems like it is your unit, your phone, or maybe some combination thereof. The only thing I can really think of is trying to move your phone closer to the U310 to minimize interference. Other than that I don't know. Sorry to hear about this.
  7. I thought I remember it pausing my iPod. If it just decreases the volume of the music that'd be great. I'll check it again, thanks!
  8. Although I only tested it briefly, my experience with ATT is that it pauses the music during a navigation instruction rather than fading it out as you might expect (at least with an iPod playing). Personally I left it on "Normal" and cranked up the volume on the navigation instructions because I don't have any way of muting or fading passengers...
  9. The only two things I can think of off-hand are bad wiring or a hardware problem. Once you've double-checked the wiring, bringing it back to the store for an exchange is the way I would go.
  10. Is it that they can hear nothing or they just have trouble hearing you? In other words, If you put your mouth up to the mic and yell, can they hear you at all? If the answer is yes, you just have worthless factory mic syndrome. I did. You'll probably want to replace the factory mic with something like the Garmin 010-10804-00 you've probably seen discussed in earlier threads. I got mine for $11 on Amazon, but plenty of other places have them at similar prices. The Garmin works pretty well for me (also with an iPhone, 2G) -- most people don't even know they are on speakerphone. If the an
  11. To my knowledge, the BT issues have been resolved; it has worked perfectly for me since the update. The "lag" and occasional incorrect placement issues remain. They aren't deal-breakers for me, but I'm sure we'd all like to see them fixed in the future. Do also be aware of the very limited set of POIs though.
  12. Sounds like a wiring problem to me, but you say you've checked that. Did you use the pre-amp outs (RCA) or the standard output?
  13. No. It only comes on when the unit reboots. Normally it remains in sleep mode when the car is off, rather than turning off entirely. This allows it to resume operation faster when you hit the ignition. The unit reboots at certain times, such as when you eject the SD card, use the hard reset button, pull the battery, or run an upgrade. Beyond that you shouldn't see a splash screen.
  14. I don't have any personal experience, but I imagine the ADT-VA133 kit should work, since it is conforms to the Double DIN standard (as does the U310). But, may I ask why you want to get this kit specifically? As far I can tell, it it designed for mounting in a display cabinet or for a custom automotive job. You might be happier with a Metra 99-9501B (black trim) or 99-9501G (gray trim), or other inexpensive third party kits which are specifically designed for putting an aftermarket Double DIN unit such as the U310 in your vehicle model (2003 Jaguar, in this case).
  15. Yes, mine did nothing the first time. I reformatted my SD card, copied the files back over and tried again. (You may want to redownload the update as well.) It worked perfectly the second time for me, so I suggest trying again. If that doesn't work, double check that you have followed the instructions and didn't skip over or make a mistake during any of the steps. Hope that helps.
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