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  1. I guess Pioneer has completely abandoned all 920 owners?

    Not only the 920 owners...but all owners in general. I am on my second AVIC...went from a D1 to the X910BT. I figured it would be a decent upgrade, but the quality of these units has gone to the dogs. Slow boot times, buggy UI, crap customer service...every few months I need to do a reset on the unit because it randomly tries to take me "home" when there are no destinations programmed. I have logged support tickets, asked for them to be escalated as required to get the issues resolved...NOTHING! Pioneer North American Support...learn to speak English, learn about your products and get some customer service skill. Honestly! I will never buy another pioneer GPS again.
  2. engine noise please help!

    Here is the post about the circuit to stop popping: [url=http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1690&highlight=pop]http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php? ... hlight=pop[/url] I would try moving the ground for the head unit to an alternate location and make sure it is secure. Sometimes if you have too many things grounded to the same location it can cause issues.
  3. engine noise please help!

    You say that you used the metal tubing that runs through the dash to ground the unit. Did you just wrap the ground around the tube, or did you puncture the tube and use a screw to fasten the ground? Is there a ground wire from your stock radio that you could use? As for the POP...there's a circuit that you can get to stop that. I believe there are other posts about it.
  4. Damaged D2

    120 days is the magic number for credit card chargebacks. If you are going to have a charge reversed, it would be best to do it around the 60 range. The earlier the better. The reason being that when you charge back the transaction, the vendor can dispute it. If that happens then you have another chance to submit it again as an appeal. It is a 3 step process until the item is "dead". So the idea is not to let this process go over 120 days. After 120 there is no recourse. Good luck:)
  5. Dust in the screen!

    If anything, I would start with canned air. It comes with a fairly small straw to get a good strong stream of air. I guess the most important thing though, is where is it getting in? Maybe there is a crack somewhere that you could seal up to keep it from getting worse.
  6. Can you mount antenna inside, on dash?

    I agree. In my '02 CRV I mounted the antenna inside the dash as close to the front of the windshield as possible. I get great reception.
  7. Way to hack serial# off Windows cd??

    That program is called Magic Jellybean and is a wonderful little tool. Unfortunately, since you had to replace your hard drive in this case....it's useless to you.
  8. I just have to push it once and then it keeps on going. Occasionally though, it will tell me to make a left turn when the map shows a right turn...kind of weird, but I guess it's ok because I have the map onscreen in front of me. In certain areas where the map shows my route in purple, it says "There is no voice guidance for this area"...or something like that. Only when the route is green do I get voice.
  9. On my D2 After I set my destination and the route is calculated I need to press the green button in the top left of the screen in order to have the voice guidance start.
  10. Rear view camera

    You definitely DON'T want a CMOS camera. An example of one is your ordinary webcam...which we all know really sucks without a lot of light. Go CCD.
  11. engine noise please help!

    If you have any unused RCA connections, make sure they are not grounding out or touching each other. Put caps on them or tape them up.
  12. Diodes make power go one way, right??

    As mentioned in earlier posts, vehicles use DC current which stands for Direct Current. It will only flow from negative to positive....so there is no need for a diode...unless you are trying to route current through some type of circuit. If you are trying to replace your regular bulbs with light emitting diodes a.k.a. LEDs then you will definitely need more than one diode per light. More likely 20 per light. I think these come in kits. Try googling.
  13. AVIC D-2 general questions

    I'm not sure about the firmware, but I just bought a d2 about a month ago and love it. If it is installed as recommended by Pioneer then the parking brake DOES need to be on in order to perform some functions, however there is a workaround. There are a lot of posts in this forum that explain how to get around that. Basically, you need to ground 2 leads. First, the parking brake lead...and second, there is an empty hold in the connector...you can connect a grounded lead to that pin as well. It works like a charm.
  14. How can a GPS be tracked?

    I sent this question to Pioneer but haven't received a response in 3 weeks. With these units being GPSs, can't they be tracked if we know the serial number or something? I know some trucking companies use GPSs to track all of their trucks, so this must be possible. It would be great to have access to an application that would pinpoint the general location of the AVIC...not to mention the a$$hole that broke into the vehicle. Any thoughts?
  15. DVD+R DL burning a copy of nav DVD - updated - please look

    Make sure the file system on your pc is NTFS. If it is FAT or FAT32 there will be a file size limitation. If yours is set at FAT32 you can convert it to NTFS, but it will take some time.