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  1. I liked the AppRadio units because they were "mech-less" and had a flat / flush screen on the front. With the AppRadio 3 including a CD/DVD drive and having that underbite (the part jutting out at the bottom that has the buttons), it looks more like one of their AVH units...
  2. Nothing new is displayed on the source list when an aux to IP-Bus adapter is plugged in. I've tried the PAC PIO/P-RCA, Sonic Electronix's house brand IP-Bus aux input adapter and Pioneer's own CD-RB10 and none of them work leading me to the conclusion that the 8400BH just isn't compatible with these IP-Bus to aux input adapters.
  3. Does anyone know for sure if the P8400BH is not compatible with IP-Bus aux. input adapters? I purchased a "P.I.E Aux Input Adapter (PIO/P-RCA)" from Crutchfield. Plugged it into the IP-Bus port on the back of my P8400BH. I then plugged a RCA to 3.5mm cable into the PIO/P-RCA. Turned the P8400BH on and connected the 3.5mm plug from the cable into the headphone jack on my iPad. Nothing happened. Turned the iPad's and P8400BH's volume all the way up and did not hear a thing.
  4. Z130BT's CDP1425 cable with AVH unit?

  5. Z130BT's CDP1425 cable with AVH unit?

    I previously had an AVIC-Z130BT. I still have the CDP1425 cable that came with it. This cable is the one that has a USB and 3.5mm connection on one end while the other end connected to the Z130BT's IP-BUS input. I mounted the CDP1425 cable (the USB and 3.5mm end) in the dash of my car. Can I use this cable (CDP1425) with my new AVH-P8400BH? The AVH-P8400BH also has an IP-BUS input that the CDP1425 could connect to.
  6. Does Pioneer have any navigation unit with maps that are updated directly by Navteq or TeleAtlas? With a unit like this, we wouldn't have to wait for Pioneer to release map updates.
  7. Avh-p8400bh

    Can you guys please link to the micro-bypass on eBay that works? There are numerous models and I'd like to get whichever one you guys have used and verified working with the P8400BH. Thanks.
  8. Is anyone using an iPhone 4S with the Advanced App. Mode on the P8400BH? I noticed that the P8400BH doesn't include a GPS antenna like the AppRadio does. Do the iOS GPS apps. still work well on the P8400BH even without the addon GPS antenna?
  9. A bigger knob

    Do you have knobs for the X940BT? Anyone have pics. of these actual knobs on your own units? Any video on how to install them?
  10. Does the AppRadio 2 have any aux input? I have a 3.5mm aux jack in my dash that I'd still like to use with the AppRadio 2.
  11. You can change the operative direction of the buttons / controls on the RM-X4S (from the manual): http://www.docs.sony.com/release/RMX4S.pdf Did this with my X4S and it works.
  12. I'm using a Sony RM-X4S. It's a wired "stalk" remote. https://servicesales.sel.sony.com/ecom/accessories/web/viewItemDetail.do?operation=getItemDetail&itemID=51315 Using it with a Z130BT, but it has worked with every Pioneer head unit I've ever tried it with. Installed it right on my steering column and I like it better than the steering wheel controls built into my other car because it's always in the same spot unlike the controls in the steering wheel.
  13. Parking Brake Override

    Thanks timmiii. So if a standard on/off SPST toggle switch works, will this switch work too? http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8738/ele-394/White_Illuminated_Bulgin_Style_Latching_Vandal_Switch_-_16mm_-_Silver_Housing_-_Ring_Illumination.html?tl=g44c343
  14. Parking Brake Override

    So if I use an on-off-on switch, will one push of that switch simulate parking brake on, parking brake off, parking brake on? I'd like to use this switch since I already have one: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8738/ele-394/White_Illuminated_Bulgin_Style_Latching_Vandal_Switch_-_16mm_-_Silver_Housing_-_Ring_Illumination.html?tl=g44c343 Will this do what I would like it to (simulate parking brake on, parking brake off, parking brake on) with one push?