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  1. I know its not a "solution" to your problem, but you can try my "workaround". I got tired of having to change cables and reset everything up everytime i switched phones or switched roms on Android so I picked up a broken screen ipod touch off ebay for cheap. I leave that plugged in at all times and just have the ipod touch connect via bluetooth tethering to my phone to share my internet connection. This way i get the benefit of the extended support that iOS gets on the app radio and still have Android as my main phone. I dont have to plug anything in when i get into my car, its all automatic. To me its the best of both worlds and you dont have to rely on Pioneer for an update everytime your Android receives an update.
  2. Is there any reason that this wouldnt work on an iPod touch running 5.1.1? I've tried installing it and it shows in Cydia as installed but i dont get any settings in the settings menu and none of the benefits show up either.
  3. Jelly Bean

    In case anyone was wondering, as of right now the app radio 2 does not work with android 4.1 Jelly bean. Doesn't respond to any input in the apps menu and I haven't been able to successfully connect Pandora.
  4. Is it possible to control Pandora from the headunit on the 8400 if you have an android phone? (over bluetooth). The website isnt real clear. Thanks
  5. Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Dock

    You might try an A/V Dock instead. I purchased a Desktop Dock for my Razr Maxx and just mounted it to my car. Since the Razr has both micro HDMI and USB i didnt want to have to plug both in everytime.
  6. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to work up a background app that allows full control of your Android from the appRadio Interface. I'm sure its possible, since the iPhone can do it now. I dont have time to look into all the APIs and all that. I'd be willing to donate to anyone that could.
  7. Google Maps works on the headunit but it is not the "navigation" part, just the maps directions that update as you go. The Navigation part can be done but you have to set it up on the phone. Then it will display on the screen and play the prompts through the stereo.
  8. Ok, so i picked up an AppRadio 2 last week to replace my AppRadio 1. Then Saturday I picked up a Droid Razr Maxx to replace my iPhone 4s. Here are my first thoughts. Hardware: I just used a cheap HDMI to micro HDMI cable from Best Buy and plugged it into the back of the Headunit (into the HDMI port). Thats all it took, no special cable required. I actually ended up picking up an HD Dock for the Razr and i am mounting that on the corner of my dash so it will be a quick and easy plug and play for both HDMI and Micro USB (to charge). Other than that it took about 5 minutes to get the cables hooked up, and you can leave both the iphone cable and the android cable plugged in and it works fine. Also the 2 way switch that i had for the parking brake wire works perfectly on the AppRadio 2, no change needed Software: The initial setup was kind of a pain and it takes some getting used to. The AppRadio and the Android pair via bluetooth, and that can take 30 seconds to a minute to fully connect once you have plugged in the hdmi. Pandora causes the phone to disconnect via bluetooth but then works fine. You have to tell your phone to mirror your image via HDMI for it to work when you plug it in. I set it to "remember that setting" so once i get it my car, i toss it in the dock and i can leave the phone alone. There are no pop ups on the phone for you to press or open like on the iphone. You press pandora it opens, you press Apps and it opens the AppRadio app (which stays running at all times on the phone). Then from there you can select your apps. Downside so far is that only CarMediaPlayer and Auepeo work for Android (along with the contacts, calendar, maps). Hopefully eventually more apps will work (Rdio im looking at you). The plus side is that if you back out of the appradio app (using the back button on the headunit), you can mirror the phone screen on the headunit. So you will see your full home screen. Now you cant control it from the headunit but you can still use other apps and display everything up there. I have my phone mounted where i can touch it without being too much distraction. This allows you to use google maps navigation up on the headunit screen and bringing the sound through the radio, which is nice because that means a free navigation system. Also keep in mind since it mirrors the home screen any texts or anything will show on the headunit (you can actually see the status bar including battery and signal and all that). So if you are talking to someone you dont want your passenger to see, stick to Pandora because all other apps show it. Overall it works well and for the price of the unit, it isnt too bad. I'm hoping that there will be more android apps made to be made functional, or maybe a 3rd party app to allow it to read ALL inputs from the head unit, even from the home screen, which would make it amazing. I have a feeling it is possible.
  9. X903bt vs x940bt - Hardware

    Do you have some information on how you set that up? Pictures, diagrams or whatever?
  10. First Ever Install

    I believe that module is to allow any "vehicle" noise to work. So you without that you wont have onstar or your dinger (like with lights on and doors open and stuff) and anything else that the vehicle might play out through the stereo.
  11. Does anyone know of a replacement for backgrounder for iOS 5. I dont think its going to be updated for it and it makes life so much better on the APPradio. You can back out of the app on your phone but your headunit will still updated and remain control of the app. So if i need to respond to a text or something i can. Anyone know of anything or willing to look into develop something?
  12. Parking Brake Override

    Thanks for the input but i have it working in my car right now. So yes it WILL and DOES work as already stated.
  13. Parking Brake Override

    For the override you dont have to find the parking brake wire on the car. Just connect the parking brake wire on the back of the head unit to a switch then to a ground.
  14. Mine doesnt. When i got my iPhone originally i had one with horrible battery life and would heat up really bad. Swapped it out and it runs fine now.
  15. Appradio Stuck in Demo Mode

    Did you try pressing the reset under the microsd door ?