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  1. Now it worked like a charm. Once again you're the man! Thanks
  2. maybe try virtual clone drive: http://www.slysoft.c...n/download.html or daemon tools: http://www.daemon-to...products/dtLite Don´t work. The programs don't recognise the file.
  3. In windows I download hjsplit and I merge all the files in one. But I can´t open the single file!
  4. F310BT hack is real

    thanks for the advise. now it´s working
  5. F310BT hack is real

    i can't put any kind of app working! launcher keeps reboting, same as other apps (clock, video, etc) what i'm doing wrong?
  6. F310BT hack is real

    This files will put the apps working? The dashboard and functions remains the same? Tanks in advance
  7. F310BT hack is real

    Pionara, tanhks it worked in perfection!! In my case i had to wipe out "My Flash Disk", the avic with old files did'nt work. The Navgadte apps did't work (video, image, clock), the F310 reboots when select the desired app ando does nothing! Any ideas?
  8. F310BT hack is real

    pionara, Could you explain how to flash the 2.001 and share the software (new dash)?
  9. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    Try do delete de newest files. I don´t remember exactly the file i deleted. In test mode see the date of the newest files (the date you update), and delete them.
  10. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    Portugal (Europe). If you are in Europe i don´t mind put some money, it's cheaper!
  11. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    Can you take the entire cnsd130fm ?
  12. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    Ok. So doesn´t work on ours! They have no problems! Regards
  13. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    This update is for changing the firmaware from 10004 to 20003. The F310BT apearence change to F320BT. Its strange the update don´t start
  14. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    Thanks but I deleted a file and the system is runing again, i manage to run test mode. I could'nt manage to install cnsd 130fm, what seems the problem? Did you install the cnsd 130fm sucefully? Regards
  15. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    I cant go test mode also