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  1. Backups and Images

    Hey guys, awesome idea to have a thread gathering all stock backup images for those who have a bricked AVIC like me! Would anyone happen to have a stock image from an AVIC-F960DAB (EU) ? I am not sure what NEX model corresponds to this one. Thanks again for your help!
  2. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    Hi all, and thanks very much Retell !! I was able to download the torrent from tpb, if someone needs seeds, just tell, i'll do it. I was also able to find EU maps via a great link i found on this topic, but had to choose when installing on the Avic (I have a F900BT) because of disk space issues. Setup on the avic went very fine, the tutorial is IMPECCABLE !! There are just two things which annoys me : - I don't have the TMC anymore, i mean when i enter the navigation menu an then "traffic", i always get a "No traffic events available". And that was working very well when i was in ver. 2.xxxxxxx. Is this normal ? - The second one is not that serious but was useful before, it seems that in the 8.3 version of iGo, there's no more speed display on the left in the little frame with dark background. Just above the time left in a route. Can anyone help me on this ? The one really urgent is TMC / Traffic info, I go on a trip on tomorrow night and in my country it's a long weekend because of National Day, if i can get rid of the traffic jams i'd be very happy Thanks a lot and excuse me for my English, i'm from France lol Tib