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  1. Mirror link is for Android devices not IOS, so it wont work with your iphone 5
  2. Apple launches carplay

    Aftermarket radios will have to wait. http://modmyi.com/showpost.php?p=7040331
  3. You guys really think this functionality is going to be available soon in aftermarket units? Doubt it, think about it, it is available for 6 car manufacturers now and another 12 down the road (probably next year). Dealerships will charge you for this high end system on their new cars. People will not pay top dollars for it if it is available for less on an aftermarket unit. I'm guessing it will only be available from the car manufacturers for a couple of years before its available in an aftermarket unit. I'm hoping that I am wrong.
  4. You have to turn off all sources, and disconect bluetooth.....then the option to switch "digital av" to "others" will be available.
  5. Change settings from "Digital" to "Others"
  6. It was removed by Pioneer via Appradio app version 2.2.0, please refer to "whats new" in the app description in the app store.
  7. Double press the home button and use the "mix" function.
  8. Can someone verify if they are able to switch backgrounds on the radio (dark blue to gray) after updating to MPU 2.22 firmware? For some reason after my update my radio doesnt change backgrounds, it just beeps when I press the button.
  9. Possibility

    With Display Out you might see TomTom on your radio screen but you will not be able to control TomTom from your radio screen only from your phone ( for now).