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  1. Now, after a few days, I succeeded. The only difference to my previous attempts was the way I unzipped the files. Instead of unzipping into a PC file and then copying to the sd card this time I directly unzipped to the sd card. Many thanks to Godzilla and RonS!
  2. sorry, but, I finally made it to get my old 2015 status back. I first have to relax a bit before I try further. Many thanks to RONS and Michael_81.
  3. Hallo Michael_81, Bisher haben alle Versuche an verschiedenen Stellen zum Abbruch wegen falscher SD-Card geführt. Selbst meine alte SD-Card mit dem 2015 Update bleibt mittendrin hängen. Ich versuche jetzt, deinen Ablauf Schritt für Schritt nach zu machen. Im Moment weiß ich nicht, was die Abkürzung HU bedeutet. Gruß, seafarer
  4. today i tried to update my F920BT. Everything went fine until it came to 93% and 2 minutes left. A message came up saying: wrong SD card. please insert correct SD card. Michael_81 Where did you get the modified file RenewallFlib.dll? Did you make the changes mentioned in the 2015 thread?
  5. This file matches the Cardinfo I used with the 2015 update. I will put it into the 2017 update and test it. Thanks!
  6. How about F920BT? The headline of the downloads also mentions AVIC-F920BT. Did anybody try this unit? THX!
  7. Update worked fine on F920BT with special cardinfo from 5,0 to 6,0 with 2015 maps. The only minor problem I have since 5.0: Display calibration does not work. I can can touch all the little crosses but, at the end I cannot finish the procedure.
  8. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Problem solved! I forgot to put the light green wire to ground to simulate the parking brake beeing set. Thanks!
  9. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Hello, I did the update on my F920BT and encounter the following Problem: The update worked as described, but, after that the settings menue only shows two active (highlighted) items: AV-settings and AV-sound. All other settings are dark and cannot be selected. So I cannot do the Bluetooth update not to mention any other settings. Even the delete function of my stored navi destinations does not run. But, I can hear music from all sources and I can navigate. If there are no other good advices from somebody I'm afraid I have to follow diverke's way and look for a service center to reset the unit to some defined state. Best wishes for the upcoming Holidays.