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  1. Pud the 3 file in root of sd, insert in the unit, go to blotooth update and its done.
  2. AVIC-F700BT USB Cable Question

    The original usb cable had 5 pin connector on board plug, like OTG cable, so a generic or cheap usb cable not work without modification.
  3. same here, maybe digitizer cable is having problems.
  4. in my opinion, the heating problems arise because the speakers are not compatible with the unit. OEM speakers have 2 ohm and unit drive out minimum 4ohm, if you listen at high volume streaming via Bluetooth result is very hot. I have also a problem with touch, but diferent- not respond at all, after i dont use this unit 1 year. I put it back and no respond.
  5. F700BT F710BT F900BT F910BT 20145 Q2 EU Maps

    salve, after this good update, you can update even Bluetooth with file inside CNSD 400FM, and version become HW100-SW400.1. I put the file here http://ge.tt/6wSt5wD2. Now i try to put iGO nextgen with original folder LP800 but no succes, Even i try to reeduce of minimum of kit.
  6. for bluetooth update you can use 3 bin file find inside root of CNSD400FM, i have AVIC F910FM, an run perfect. version become HW100-SW400.1 http://ge.tt/6wSt5wD2/v/0
  7. F910BT U-BOOT

    i have all the file
  8. Hack/Crack Original CNSD-400FM Update (2013)

    Yes, this the easy way!!!