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  1. Hey guys. my last Pioneer was the X910BT. Loved that stereo, but unfortunately it got stolen (with my entire car). I'm in the market for another Pioneer and was looking at the AVH-X4600 BT on Amazon. Must features are: GPS, BT (+ A2DP audio), HD Radio (don't care about XM) and inputs for rear backup cam. Does anyone have any recommendations whether this is a good unit, or perhaps some good alternatives if this one isn't? Thanks!
  2. AVIC-X950BH-Need help deciding..

    No one has an opinion...?
  3. AVIC-X950BH-Need help deciding..

    Hey guys. getting a new stereo and I need honest opinions from folks with the AVIC-X950BH. Do you guys like it? Any major problems? I really like the feature set on it (a2dp, built-in HD radio) but my x910bt was a little sluggish....
  4. Stopping a Route

    Just hit the "menu" button and then under "Destination" hit "delete destination"
  5. Boyo VTK350 and X910BT

    Roger that. Hopefully the backup input itself on the x910bt isn't bad....
  6. Nope, I got it here. I used the FX 3.1 firmware.... http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/27807-fx31-complete-firmware-image/
  7. Boyo VTK350 and X910BT

    So, it turns out that you were right-it was connected to constant 12V, however after switching it to Accessory, it made no difference
  8. Boyo VTK350 and X910BT

    I *believe* I have it connected to accessory 12v but I'll make certain.
  9. tired of slugishness on the f900? i am! Almost fixed.

    Well, here was my answer to my original topic I just posted about overclocking....I'm assuming this over like a lead balloon....too bad really
  10. Overclocking an X910bt

    So, I'm admittedly new to this stereo, and you'll forgive me if this has already been thought of, but I thought of the following: I've had Windows CE devices (Aka "Windows mobile" pdas) where I can overclock the CPU to an extent. Has anyone ever thought of making an overclock app that is compatible to 'speed up' the UI? Just an idea....
  11. I fixed mine with a custom firmware...
  12. I have an Axxess too, but I haven't gotten mine working just yet, so I couldn't comment (I just got it installed and I'm in the middle of troubleshooting on my Scion, lol!)
  13. Hello All. I apologize that my first post is a call for help, but unfortunately it is what it is. I have a 2007 Scion tC and I recently purchased a good used X910bt unit from Ebay. I also purchased a Boyo VTK350 backup camera. I've included the 'manual' that came with the camera here, in the hopes that someone might be able to help me. I've connected the black to the frame, and the red to constant 12V (mainly because I'm assuming it needs constant power; the documentation doesn't say anything, so I'm assuming it does). I've connected the Yellow cable to the brown input on the unit, but no video. Any ideas? Thanks for the awesome site btw (I've already updated my firmware/maps!)