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  1. So what I noticed was that: 1. when parking brake not grounded - I cannot run any apps even when car stationary 2. when parking brake grounded - I cannot input address in original Navi when driving, I cannot display video files from Mediaplayer while driving (even when I switch comport), but Igo8 works just fine (can input address while driving, and did not seem to have anything to do with running it as child process)
  2. I've actually noticed that the "cannot operate while running" message happens too - but for me it's more sporadic for instance, it always occurs when I run MioPocket from Launcher (MioPocket will work but after 1st reboot, choose to run System Tools and it will reboot again into MioPocket) Also, it's been happening when I run system Tools as well Doesn't happen when I run Igo8 tho - maybe b/c we switch the GPS comports? I'll have to figure out when/where it's exactly happening, I thought it was my parking brake connection that was acting up but now that someone else is getting it then it's probably software
  3. U310BT Video Encode Settings

    well, the h264 grainy encoding might just be a feature of just Handbrake - mebe try different software? yeah, SpiderPig runs just fine
  4. Yes, when I modified the Miopocket scripts, I was able to get it to work with the Overlays (though extremely buggy) and tested the apps - more of which seemed to work fine. I'll have to look into it more.
  5. i've tried loading a bunch of the bundled apps in MioPocket (using System Tools from Pionara launcher) and found that most of them don't run. at least Core Media Player works, as well as half of the games (like Bejeweled), and maybe half of the other apps (Office, miniOpera). Or should I be running these directly from the Launcher or from MioPocket (must boot to TestMode tho)? I'm also wondering if any Windows CE/5.0 app (for ARM CPU) should be runable on our U310BT
  6. U310BT Video Encode Settings

    I was able to keep original Bitrate of the video (usually my original movie files are 900-1000 bitrate) and running smoothly with all of your settings. Which audio encoding u suggest? I found that there wasn't much speed difference between using DirectDraw/buffer/GDI I am also using a class 10 SDHC, so not sure if that is a factor as well having some minor issues with audio ranges - but maybe i have to tweek settings more
  7. fantastic job Pionara, doing alot of recent work w/o device too! at least everything is accessible at this point - we may just have to live with the Application reboots - otherwise no easy way to get back into original Navi menu system from an application
  8. the cool thing tho with MioPocket is that it can run programs and add a "minimize" button in their top right hand corners Look at LeetLauncher running on Pioneer F500bt, as you can see, it transitions between MioPocket/Igo/etc. w/o reboots, I wonder if the reboot is needed for our units tho I notice tho that on startup- It boots with "Pioneer image" and shows HMmanager for 1second and automatically loads into MioPocket He doesn't show any overlays tho in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX-oTHLBQ-I&feature=plcp&context=C3dbd366UDOEgsToPDskLj8Q-tMu1bw47GfXJCcm-J
  9. btw, 3rdman, how did you get MioPocket 4.0 to run? nevermind i got it running now - doesn't seem slow to me - seems fast, can play games/movies normally but I got it running only with the TestMode/Explorer startup not sure how to get this running with the overlays i already tried using the launcher - it keeps rebooting, but when I change Run to RunWait in the MioAutoRun.mscr, then it reinstalls MioPocket and resets. On reboot HMmanager & MioPocket are both running at the same time but it's like they are sharing the same display - very buggy.
  10. I believe the problem is always present, whether in 3D/2D. I think the map is always refreshing, even when you are not moving, which is why Overlays don't seem to display even when car stationary. Maybe display refreshes more often when you move - not sure tho. From my observations: in Map view you press Volume Up, device will execute this command immediately, but Overlay display function is placed in a Queue. Usually when u get out of map display, then the Overlay will be released from Queue and drawn to screen. The Overlay is not hiding under the map - b/c a sound is played when Overlay is drawn to screen (i.e. Volume increase beep). Also, phone call not only is high priority, but it pauses/suspends Igo map display (Igo Map does not update your GPS position while u talk on phone). Thus Phonecall pauses map and releases all overlays to be drawn in the Queue.And Igo map display is resumed as normal when you hang up. If we can figure out how to pause map display like a phone call - then maybe all overlays can be displayed when viewing map.
  11. Yes! I also confirm that Overlays are always touch responsive (I think this is b/c of IgoLauncher not with any sys.txt settings - I removed all extraneous lines from sys.txt). Even phone overlay ("Hangup/Vol Up/Vol Down") is touch responsive. Overlays still don't always pop up when map is showing, BUT I don't think it is IGO taking too much resources. Why? B/c Phone Overlay seems to have higher priority than the map. Try dialing (use phone to dial) when map is displaying - Phone Overlay seems to always show and furthermore when Phone Overlay displays, it will draw any other overlays in the queues - i.e. phone dialing Pauses Map display and draws all overlays in queue.
  12. yeah, i'll have to play around with the original navi more and see if it's worse than I think just a thought on overlays to the top/pressable, and I'm not sure exactly how to implement, maybe in the launcher using mortscript, assuming overlays are even windows, While True WaitFor ("Overlay Window",99999)If WndExists("Overlay Window")Minimize("Igo 8 Window")Show("Overlay Window")EndIfWhile WndExists("Overlay Window")Sleep(1000)EndWhileShow("Igo 8 Window") EndWhile
  13. My stock navi does appear to run slower (updates my position less frequently, but is still accurate on my position). I thought this might be a result of the OS 2.0 version. And yes, radio presets can be Accessed with Up/down on D-pad, but can only be Set if you press on the LCD screen (correct me if I'm wrong) VERY nice, =), IgoLauncher works now, ActiveSync Works and I can access all files on device I'll test out in car tomorrow so as for now, it appears all our sys.txt mods do nothing (I've been trying other various things as well, such as changing rawdisplay settings and other screen settings)
  14. yes, igoExec points to correct path, still is giving error message "Application startup failed. Check file on SD card" and for ActiveSync - Windows 7 sees Unknown Device, I've tried to install various generic USB drivers for it without success about the windows not displaying - so we know that the device always registers your mode buttons/volume/etc. The overlays always draw. If Igo displaying map and you press the "mode" button, then no overlay. But if you then press "menu" within Igo, then it goes to Igo Menus then that overlay is sitting there ontop), but it appears that the display hierarchy in Igo is: 1st priority - navigation in Igo (overlays sometimes display if map is not refreshing) 2nd priority - stock overlays 3rd priority - menus in Igo thus stock overlays always display when in the menus in Igo is 3rdman's working perfectly? if so, please share sys.txt
  15. Igo8 Launcher still doesn't seem to launch ActiveSync runs, and my computer detects USB device, but nothing shows up in Windows Mobile Device Center and doesn't show up as a Drive letter maybe it's my setup