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  1. Pioneer stepped up and accepted to fix my unit. If you are contacting Pioneer, Kimberly is the last person you want to talk to, btw.
  2. Black Screen Of Death?

    If you look at my thread with the cable, you should feel lucky. My screen is completely white and unresponsive despite cable change.
  3. Sounds like I'll be putting my appradio for sale for parts. So disappointed...
  4. bump. any more help? pioneer refuses to accept any warranty without a receipt still..
  5. I just did. No luck. I called Pionner and they were no help at all. Told me to send the unit back but then asked for my purchase receipt which I don't have. I thought they were all covered under warranty since they came out last year in June.
  6. any suggestions how to fix it? new cable didn't fix the problem...
  7. I have not. I'll try doing that tomorrow. Pioneer agreed to take my old cable under one thing: "Upon receipt of the cable here, we will ship a replacement cable to you. We reserve the right to rescind this offer if evaluation reveals other than a manufacturing defect."
  8. Did your screen go blank like mine?
  9. So I bought a new cable ($60) and replaced the old one, the screen still looks like this: HELP!
  10. So i've been going back and forth getting this cable through a warranty and still no success. In a meantime I took the connector and separated the plug again: any electricians here? is there any way to solder it back together? now, to take the whole console out to remove the cable, ship it back, put the console back together, wait for the cable to come in 10-12 days and then take the console apart again to install the cable... such a pain. would be much easier just to solder what needs to be done, since i'm sure i broke something that causes it.
  11. I got it on ebay and I doubt seller, even though powerSeller - does any replacements. what is that cable called? will it fix the screen?
  12. I unplugged my iPhone and somehow the plug went in two pieces. At the same time the screen went blank/white and is not responding to any resets or memory card with software update. Any fix for that? I'm trying to put the plug back together but looks like I broke one plastic piece holding it together. Don't ask me how. tia
  13. interesting. i'd like to know that too. I have to take my case off my 4s everytime i get in my car.
  14. AppRadio Extensions - What's Next

    ^ I agree completely. Great work so far. I'm waiting for an ebrake bypass through a jailbreak, not the switch. I can't fit any more interfaces in my dash. Radio won't fit.