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  1. Do I unlock it first and do i need a remote when unlocking it? I think I read it somewhere that I need to use a remote after the disc is in the head unit... I want to try to do all myself, but I'm afraid that I'll mess up something. Might just be easier to pay someone that has the stuff to do this and that knows what they are doing. I really need it done because we travel a lot and my maps suck. Thanks
  2. So, do i need to purchase a remote for my head unit in order to do this?????? Please let me know real soon so that I can get one soon. Thanks
  3. So, I take it that I take out something( hard drive ) from my head unit and hook it up to a computer? What do I use to hook the hard drive up to computer with?
  4. How do I get the newest update for my Z3? What all do i need and what needs to be done? Thanks
  5. My Pioneer Avic Z3 & Gex-10xmt were missing the antennas when I got them and was wondering where to get a replacement for both without paying a lot for them and if any others would work or what all could I try? Thanks
  6. I have an avic z3 with iPod unit and a traffic tuner gex-p10xmt and I need to know how to hook them up together plus I need the antennas to the avic z and traffic tuner, they were missing when I got this stuff. Thanks
  7. I'm in need of an antenna for my Pioneer avic z3 & my nav traffic unit (gex-10xmt). I might be missing a few other wires, but not sure. I also want a Bluetooth unit that will work with my z3. Thanks
  8. I have a Pioneer avic z3 on the way here and should be here Monday 10-19-15 and I want to get the newest update for it and don't think I have a way to do it. I'm not a computer person, so I don't have anything but my cellphone and I know I can't do it on it. What all is needed to do this and if to much, I'll just have to have someone do it for me and I pay if not to much. Thanks
  9. I have a z3 on the way and need Bluetooth for it and like to know what all it can do and what add ons I can get to make it better plus I need a CD to update the maps as well. Thanks
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I need one if anyone has one for sale. Thanks
  11. I just got me a z3 today, well, on the way in the mail. I hope it's everything I want.
  12. Does all them have and or do the same thing? I'm looking to buy one of the many Z units and want the one that has a lot of features or at least the ones I listed and I see that there's a Z130 Z140 and a Zq150. I'm not worried about the Z110 or the Z120. Thank
  13. I'm looking to buy a Pioneer avic unit and want one of the Z's. I'm not sure which one is the one for me. I need your help because I don't know much about them. This is about what I'm looking for out of one.... -Voice commands. -Live traffic. -Pandora radio. -Navigation with voice command. -Bluetooth. -Rear camera. -Sirius radio xm. -Watch movies in rear while listen to radio up front or navigate while kids watch a movie in rear of vehicle. -I want one of the Z units that has all that or most of it plus more. Please let me know which one is the one that has these. I want to get one
  14. I just want a good unit that has....live traffic updates, voice commands, Bluetooth, rear camera, gps that has voice command, Pandora, to be able to watch movies in rear while listen to radio up front at same time, Xm radio built in the system to where I don't need to add anything, and so on. I want to buy the one the has all or most of this stuff if possible. I just don't know if it's the Z150BH or go with the Z2? I'm on here asking because I'm sure you guys will know. Sorry if I sound dumb, but I figure I'd ask before I spent my money. Thanks in advance
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