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  1. convert video for AVH-X8500bt help!!!!

    Get format factory, choose 720x480 25 fps AVI and you're good to go
  2. Avh 4300

  3. So I bought an SD micro card + adapter and the weirdest thing happened. Whenever I switched to SD the iphone no longer charged. I really dont want to have ANOTHER cable in my car, is there any way around it, maybe a FW upgrade or something Thanks
  4. NONE of the GPS apps are worth a damn

    I have displayout on my jailbroken Iphone, so I just use TomTom projected onto the pioneer screen
  5. My review of the new Pioneer AVH-P8400

    Thx for the review. I have the AVH-P4300DVD at the moment and will wait till these problems are fixed. Apparently Pioneer is not caring about firware updates as much as they should
  6. I've tried the appradio extensions on cydia but its not as good as I'd imagined, will stick to displayout till apprex gets updated
  7. Hi there If you have a jailbroken idevice and a pioneer radio with app mode you can have your phone use the radio as external screen provided that you have the corresponding pioneer cable sold separately All you gotta download on cydia is DISPLAY OUT it will project whatever is on your idevice onto your headset, great for gps navigation, browsing or even having the flow cover of songs from your library on 2 cons tho, u can't lock the device or the screen won't be projected anymore, and also to get the image horizontally, u guessed it, u must turn the device sideways (tested on my iphone 4s + avh-p4300dvd) Cheers
  8. AVH-P8400BH Hard drive

    Iphone/ipod hands down
  9. Avh-p4300 dvd issue

    Test mode? Never heard of it, try removing the power cable and reconnect it after some mins
  10. avh ( animated wallpapers )

    Thx And apparently only one at a time