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  1. Android Port Possible?

    Pioneer announced this.. http://www.droid-life.com/2015/01/06/pioneer-announces-android-auto-support-with-installable-infotainment-systems/ Was wondering if it would be possible to get this ported to our x930bt
  2. Basic Reboot Loop Fix

    Hey tail, I did exactly everything you described in your first post. Let me explain my problem first. Everything has been working perfectly until one day I started the truck up and the avic went to the pioneer screen then just turned off after about 15 seconds. Now after doing you fix it just stays on but in the boot loop. I did everything exactly and even after it not working the first time went ahead and deleted the gps(number) files. Any idea what to do next? EDIT: Weird so I hit menu and it went back to the normal menu but then nothing seems to work after that and gets hung up on the maps part.
  3. Basic Reboot Loop Fix

    *searched for link on pirate*
  4. Problem with rear view camera x930bt

    I completely cut the purple/white reverse cable from the other wire I had connected to it, and it did nothing. So I'm confused. its like since that isnt hooked up properly the camera is only always and only displays when in reverse,
  5. Problem with rear view camera x930bt

    Ok right now I just disconnected the reverse wire and the camera still turns on exactly how it did before. So I'm guessing I don't have it wired correctly
  6. Problem with rear view camera x930bt

    1loudls, it is a g6. I used a standard wirieing harness from car toys. i did the reverse avic to reverse harness yes. hmmm i have tried switching the polarity without disconnecting the wire(why would i have to do that?) and it only works on ground. the power for the camera is a wire by the back left tail light that only is given power when in reverse.
  7. Ok got my rear view camera to work... kinda..... If anyone had suggestions or knows the fix I would be really thankful!
  8. Custom Background Gallery

    [quote name='ToDieFor' timestamp='1333326722' post='246198'] That's fuckin' awesome. Will this work on my X930BT? Anyone know? [/quote] yea just save it as a .jpg and resize it to 800x480 if it isnt that size already...but I was making you one...