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  1. does anyone have the pinout for the usb connector, video, and the rest of the connectors? just ordered an sph-da01 appradio without cables, can't find any reasonably priced ones so i guess ill just solder on my own. any help would be appreciated.
  2. the appradio doesn't use composite or s-video. it uses a Y Pb Pr video connection. the easiest way i found was to buy an ipod breakout board and solder the wires directly from the breakout to the connector on the appradio.
  3. Pandora on U310BT

    unfortunately the bluetooth module itself does not support a2dp, it could be hacked in there theoretically, but it would be an intense project by anyone's standards. if you wanted it super badly, the inside of the unit is mostly empty, and a third party bluetooth adapter could be shoved inside and wired into the aux input.
  4. Ipod Cable pin count?

    if you'll look to my other post, you'll find the pinout for the appradio itself, and the ipod dock connector pinout is already well documented, just google ipod dock connector pinout. one thing to note though, the pioneer diagrams say it uses a yuv connection. this is wrong, it uses a y pb pr video signal. if you need anything specifically, ask me and ill get back to you. i just got finished building my own cable out of a cheap breakout board. the replacement cables are way too expensive, a soldering iron and 30 minutes of your time will get you an adequate replacement.
  5. so i have 2 appradios with a bad os flash on them. ill be ordering a flash programmer soon to see what i can dump from there, and for now, im busting out the logic analyzers to see what interesting things i can find, i shall report back. wish me luck! and if you have any requests, now is the time to ask them. soldering iron is warmed up
  6. logic analyzer

    ok, so first things first. if you take your unit apart, dont break the sd fpc slot. second off, be carefull with the screen cable, it's fragile. my unit is now a rats nest of wires. anyway, i've ordered my flash programmer, so hopefully within a week or two ill be able to dump the 29lv160 flash inside my unit. does anyone have any flash images for the sph-da01?
  7. i've got 2 sph-da01's sitting here in front of me with the same problem. im going to investigate the jtag interface later this week and see if i can't find anything good.
  8. uboot?

    has anyone investigated accessing the uboot menu on this unit? are there any uart ports exposed where an interface might be available? any information would be helpful.
  9. u310bt updating firmware

    ok, so now im reading something about some sort of uboot mode? is there a way to get to the menu from the front panel or would i have to tap into the uart or jtag?
  10. just wired up my u310bt, and have had some trouble getting the firmware flashed so far. originally i was getting the "open os cks" error, and after determining that my partition table on my sd card was wrong, i formatted everything up and got the update on it. now the screen stays at "updating image." its been about 30 minutes so far, and no progress. is this normal? and if not, is there a way to format the device completely and start from scratch? as far as testmode, i dont understand how to access it yet. is testmode accessible without a working windows image? ill keep reading for now, any help would be deeply appreciated.
  11. is it an amplified antenna?
  12. U310BT static when audio is Off

    do you have any external amplifiers? and not just subwoofers either, had a friend with the same problem/different radio. turns out his eclipse comes with a stock amplifier for the mid-range speakers. if not, you might have to get a multimeter and take a few measurements.
  13. pinout usb/video/power

    btw, just as a quick intro, My name is Andres, I'm an electrical engineering student who has been working with computers and electronics for pretty much my whole life. im not very experienced with windows c.e. like some of the guru's I've seen here, but ill give what i can to the community.
  14. pinout usb/video/power

    here ya go guys. nice jpg with all the pinouts on it. these cables are just ridiculously priced... anyone who buys a unit without cables like me should be able to save a few bucks by just soldering directly to the terminals or the circuit board. if anyone needs any schematics or detailed info, i now have info for the sph-da01 and the u310bt. ill be repairing these units this week, ill share any info i learn. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/UDu_S3yiELVLMWHxyyrLXNMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink
  15. pinout usb/video/power

    well, i just ordered the service manual and the unit will be here soon. if i find anything interesting ill be sure to post it.