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  1. Just bought a F700BT

    You can skip over it, but you need to do a wince upgrade and an internal flash storage format. Make sure you backup everything first! Once you install firmware 4 you can download a torrent called "iGO US Canada Navteq 2011 Q4 (2012)". It should all fit on the flash memory. Telatlas/tomtom map data for igo will work too but the file sizes are too large so you will have to remove states you aren't planning to visit.
  2. Voice Recognition on F7010

    Did you say "Call" followed by the name of the contact, then "Home", "Mobile" or "Work"?
  3. iPod Generations

    Yes, the audio will work. Haven't tried video yet.
  4. It works when I deleted all but one folder, but it's pretty slow.
  5. What is the largest size usb stick I can use on this headunit? I reciently had my ipod stolen out of my car, so I decided to just buy a 64gb stick for $35 because it's a lot cheaper than replacing the ipod. I copied about 50gb of music onto the stick but when I plug it in the head unit just hangs until I remove the stick. If I restart the head unit with the stick still attached it just displays the message: system startup in progress, please wait. The light on the stick flashes the whole time so it seems like it is reading from the drive, but I've left it for at least 15min while driving and it didn't complete indexing the drive or whatever it was doing. So I'm starting to think that there are too many files or directorys for the head unit to handle. there are about 8000 songs and 700 artists each with it's own directory. I suspect that if I leave it on long enough it will eventually load, but I haven't tried. If so, would it save the directory information or would it have to do the loading process each time?
  6. No GPS reception

    I have been having issues with the GPS not getting a signal. I ended up putting the GPS antenna on the roof which helped, but it has still been losing signal. The GPS signal indicator shows no bars. Not sure what's wrong.
  7. tired of slugishness on the f900? i am! Almost fixed.

    This would be great if possible.
  8. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    YAY! I'm glad I could help!
  9. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    Yes. The firmware update requires a unique code from Pioneer.
  10. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    I am attaching only the files which have been changed in this update. Most of the files are unchanged. THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE ALREADY USING VERSION 2.0000!!! Make sure you make a backup of the contents of the original SD card first, then unzip the files I've attached and overwrite the older files on the SD card. When you put the new SD card in it should ask if you would like it update. It should not ask you for the activation key this time. After updating you should now be able to use the additional POIs from Pioneer's site and use the key that came with your update to enable them. Please note, I have no way of knowing if this will work, so try this at your own risk. 2.0001_update.zip
  11. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    Ok, so I was finally able to get Pioneer to replace the map update with a new one. If anyone wants the update let me know.
  12. v4.0 Firmware

    I am interested as well, but does anyone know what has changed? I don't think I'll bother if it doesn't actually fix anything.
  13. AVIC F Series Bluetooth Firmware

    Didn't brick my unit or anything, but also did not fix the intermittent connection issues I've been having.
  14. New Russian Firmware to English

    Looks interesting. Hope you get it figured out.
  15. New Maps and POIs SD card available from Poineer

    That is, if someone is willing to help us all out.