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  1. Since the AppRadio line doesn't seem to be developed by Pioneer anymore (rumors of the AR5 are quite stale), I'm looking at some of the other radios supported by "AR Unchained" (the 'droid app I use - the only reason I'm still looking at Pioneer models) and I have to wonder if any of those double-DIN touchscreens are failing, too.
  2. With the screen failing, I'd rather buy a new headunit than repair my AR2. I really don't want to lose my ability to use my 'droid with AR Unchained so I can have full functionality on the screen. Can anyone offer a suggestion on what to look into?
  3. Care to share the price of the new screen? Might want to get one if its inexpensive.
  4. I'm wondering how I can control the brightness of the AR2 screen with the dimmer switch. My car is running the CAN BUS system so it's not the typical 'analog' setup. My understanding is that the orange/white "lighting switch terminal" cable connects to the cars dimmer switch so the screen can be dimmed. Is it possible to run that wire to any bulb controlled by the dimmer switch to give it the appropriate power or is it looking for a low voltage feed?
  5. The Pioneer website mentions two patches; 8.17 and 8.30. The first one is for the camera (which I already have installed) and the second one is only for iPhone 5 compatibility. Looks like that's not the solution. Thanks for the post though!
  6. Pretty sure that's been around for a while but I'd have to check. It's been a long time since I patched it so that may do the trick. Keep you posted.
  7. Correction; the screen problem occurs when the engine is running.
  8. Just installed my camera and running into a problem. When the car is off (but the key is in position 2) or if the car is running and my Note 3 is not connected, the camera works as expected, i.e. when in reverse or when I tap the button on the main screen. When the phone is connected the to radio, the camera will display a distorted, completely unusable image. So it seems there's a problem with the phone working while the camera is on. I would have thought it might be a grounding issue but the problem happens when the phone is connected via Bluetooth, as opposed to the HDMI connection. Has anyone run into this situation?
  9. Wondering if anyone has found a solution for the screen issue? Not in the mood to ship it out for repair; has anyone tried the blow dryer tip?
  10. The idea of using 'pure AppRadio products' makes me ill. They know nothing about swiping on a touchscreen, let alone programing a decent interface. The radio still requires us to tap up or down to change the frequency! Why can't they have a simple number pad - like the phone?! I should be able to swipe on a song track to move to the next song but instead I have to tap a small little area of the screen - WHICH REQUIRES ME TO TAKE MY EYES OFF THE ROAD. Their map program has no value except to show me a map of where I am – getting directions would be a really good idea, and leaving my pushpin in the middle of the screen is critical. A keyboard is never used but I have to install the CarKeyboard – why?! That’s a 10 mg turd sitting on my phone. I can go on and on how they have made simple mistakes. They have failed the very basics of a product that could be accepted and praised by their customers and I’m hating my purchase decision more and more. They have a great concept but their execution is downright shameful. Adding insult to injury, the 8.30 firmware patch for the headunit now causes my screen to be black when my Evo3d is connected. I can still use the buttons on the screen, I just can't see them. Brilliant work, guys. I might just toss this thing on eBay and get a ‘droid tablet installed in its place. It would be less headaches for sure. True, I would be giving up my steering wheel controls but I’d get my sanity back.
  11. call quality appradio2

    Yeah, except one difference - I never had good calls. I never had to deal with the callers voice cutting in and out, but the quality was horrific.
  12. Just wondering if I'm the only one who has callers compain about the quality of a call through the AppRadio II. I've been getting very cranky when on the phone because I really have to raise my voice to be heard, and I can't turn up the volume to hear my caller because they'll hear an echo. I have the mic about 14 inches from my mouth, hanging from the headliner next to the rearview mirror and on the swivel clip pointed right at me. I pulled the radio to confirm the mic was plugged in and everything seems connected properly. Is this just another example of Pioneer needing to improve their product?
  13. Using the radio to sync the clock

    HA! I also thought about something close to this topic; why should I have to set the time on the headunit when it connects to my Sprint mobile phone - which gets its time from a frickin' nuclear clock in Colorado?! Get the time from the dang phone!
  14. Terrible Interference!

    Sounds like you have a bad ground. Pull the radio and double-check your wiring. It may help to wiggle the wires to see if you have a loose connection.
  15. Wow, 24 bucks for an app to touch my screen - AND I have to root the phone?! I think I'd rather whine at Pioneer until they get it right!