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  1. hi. i have avic-f40bt firmware 4.0. It does not have user folder at all, only Nand. I rename in script user at nand. also i make backup. but now device hangs on pioneer logo and cant enter test mode with Conndi`s hack.2.21 with supertestmode its ok but i cant make select or copy files to return back it alive. any sugestions? also with 1.4 hack it going at test mode but still cant copy or select files (options are grey).
  2. F910bt full backup needed!

    Pls seed this torrent or repost working link. Thx in adwance!
  3. Seems only clone device via hardware programmer will help.
  4. Avic-F920BT boot loop. How to repair?

    No one can`t help me on this forum?
  5. Avic-F920BT boot loop. How to repair?

    I have found all needed files. Thx Google Now i need information how to put this model in to engeneer mode? Device do not recognise micro Sd with Testmode or update. Does anybody know how to hardreset this device? Or acrtivate engeneering mode to flash win ce image?
  6. Basic Reboot Loop Fix

    also need files for avic-929bt. thx in adwance! P.S. my e-mail is clifford25501@gmail.com
  7. Avic-F920BT boot loop. How to repair?

    does anybody have firmware 2.000 for my F920BT? any answer?
  8. Avic-F920BT boot loop. How to repair?

    seems i need to flash wince.img from service mode and all be ok. but this device do not have reset or right-left, upper-down buttoms. pls may be some one know combination for f9120bt model?
  9. I try to update my F920BT with official update but sudenly i got crc error. Now it just got blink display. Does not recognise official update or hack/test mode. I try test mode 2.21 and 2.3. May be there are newer testmodes? P.S. i try fo flash 4.001 update via testmode 1.4 before it gets dead.