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  1. I get no audio, wired all speakers wires, have aftermarket amp/subs, unit powers up but I get no audio
  2. havent heard of that issue, but i will try mine out later today
  3. D3 stops working

    Try getting a set of newer Navigation Maps and updating the d3. I also sell the backup discs
  4. if you have any issues post in the new topic. thanks. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35196-2012-pioneer-cndv-110mt-navigation-dvds-2012-gps-maps-avic-d1-d2-d3-n1-n2-n3-n5/
  5. yeah i just posted it on here on the other topic
  6. yes it should work, i didnt have any so i downloaded them, i have 80mt 90mt 100mt and 110mt
  7. Posted a new topic with info and links. except west.
  8. the password is case sensitive, i put a password so that i knew when someone downloaded it
  9. lol, well hey i gotta try out the navigation discs, LOL