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  1. PIONEER CD-IU52 USB to Lightning Interface Cable

    I recall an email from Pioneer saying that iOS8 was not supported for 940BT. I don't think Pioneer has released any updates to correct this. I've been keeping my 5S at iOS7 as a result to keep the limited functionality on my 940. So probably all you will ever be able to do is charge your phone and use BT from this point on.
  2. iOS 7 working for 940BT?

    To answer my own question, iOS7 seems to work with no loss of function.
  3. iOS 7 working for 940BT?

    I'm wondering if upgrading my iPhone 5 from iOS6 to iOS7 will cause any loss of current functionality. I searched but could not find any thread on this. If someone who has done this could report the outcome I would really appreciate it. Right now, I only have iTunes, Pandora (and bluetooth) functioning since changing from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5. This is all I really need and I don't want to lose these functions. Thanks for any feedback!
  4. About to order a backup camera for my 940BT. I am planning to go with a name brand, I see that sellers have the last gen Pioneer ND-BC5 still available, also the ND-BC6. Is there a difference that makes one better than the other? Presumably the newer one is better but the specs seem identical and sometimes newer just means lower cost manufacturing process and not necessarily better. Any feedback on this would be appreciated!
  5. 2007 Solstice and X940BT Help

    Seems like if you were able to get a mount kit then it should fit. It is the same as any other 2DIN size HU. Crutchfield has good info but they aren't perfect. They had only partial info on my car (a 2010), but bad correct info for the same model as a 2009. I'd check some Pontiac or Toyota forums. Someone there should know.
  6. What is strange is that this occurred several times in one day, but since then it has not occurred again. A software bug, I guess. Afterwards I learned that the tipoff for this issue is whether the CD begins playback instantly, or if there is a delay where the CD read occurs with the "arrows" icon appearing. Some other brand HU does this intermittently also, since this happened virtually the first time I used the new HU I was a little bummed but since then it has worked "normally", pausing the playback as one would expect so I guess it's just an occasional thing.
  7. Here is the pin out info for all Suzuki Grand Vitara vehicles from 2006-later (currently 2013, but later model years of the same body type will be exactly the same, if there are any). I posted this on a Suzuki forum, but I thought it might be useful here as well: PIN 1 – Constant battery voltage (White) PIN 2 – Panel illumination signal from lighting switch (+ On/Off) (Red w/yellow stripe) PIN 3 – Left front speaker (+) signal, left tweeter (+) signal, center speaker (+) signal (Black w/white stripe) PIN 4 – Right front speaker (+) signal, right front tweeter (+) signal, center speaker (+) signal (Grey w/green stripe) PIN 5 – Left rear speaker (+) signal (Blue) PIN 6 – Right rear speaker (+) signal (Blue w/black stripe) PIN 7 – Woofer speaker (+) signal (Red w/white stripe) PIN 8 – (empty) PIN 9 – Ignition/ACC power input (White w/black stripe) PIN 10 – Power feed for antenna amplifier (White w/blue stripe) Note: Radio reception will be poor unless connected PIN 11 – Ground/earth (Black) PIN 12 – Illumination signal from BCM (-) (Red w/green stripe) Note: This connection is likely not needed PIN 13 – Left front speaker (-) signal, left tweeter (-) signal, center speaker (-) signal (Brown w/white stripe) PIN 14 - Right front speaker (-) signal, right front tweeter (-) signal, center speaker (-) signal (Pink w/green/stripe) PIN 15 – Left rear speaker (-) signal (Light green w/black stripe) PIN 16 – Right rear speaker (-) signal (Grey w/red stripe) PIN 17 – Woofer speaker (-) signal (Black w/blue stripe) PIN 18 – BCM speed pulse signal (Blue w/black stripe) PIN 19 – Steering wheel remote (+) signal (Purple) PIN 20 – Steering wheel remote (-) signal (Pink w/black stripe) The antenna is a standard round-style plug, a direct fit for most aftermarket head units.
  8. As a follow-up to my original post, it seems like this issue does not always occur. I have not been able to replicate it after the initial events, it is not that big a deal in any case.
  9. Hello, I just installed a 940BT in my Suzuki Grand Vitara, it is working good (with handbrake mod), but I noticed that if I am playing a CD, then change to some other mode (radio, iPod, etc) when I return to CD mode the disc playback is advanced corresponding to whatever amount of time I was in the other mode. In other words, the playback does not seem to automatically pause. If I manually pause the disc before I change modes, then it is fine. This is not that big a deal, but it seems strange that the CD does not pause automatically. Is this normal behavior for this unit? Thanks in advance, this is a great forum and already it has been very helpful. I plan to run the nag hack soon, and I will try to post some info on my particular install in a bit.