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  1. AppRadio Live

    What I do not like about it is you can not search using a keyboard in the nav. Feedly kind of sucks, and the notifications do not seem to work, annnnd my FB events don't show up under events! haha But a step in the right direction.
  2. Just wondering if anyone tried the beta's of iOS 7 on an iPhone 4s and if they then tried it with their appradio? Would love to know the result before i update to iOS 7 in the next week or two.
  3. Pioneer Requests?

    Then when I upgrade, I would be going to another manufacturer. That is no way to treat a customer who bought their product just shy of a year ago.
  4. Pioneer Requests?

    Apparently the AR3 shows the time when you hit the volume a couple times. We AR2 users just need to hope and pray we get an update.
  5. I Still Have Pandora...

    Then that is bad business practice on their end. Yes make revenue. But you need to keep your customer base happy. I only bought this, not even a year ago. There should be quarterly updates, and new apps that work with it all the time. Why the hell would they expect someone who JUST bought an AR2, to run out and buy the exact same thing that has new software?!
  6. I Still Have Pandora...

    Ok, thanks! I did install the american version. The Canadian website was always behind in being updated. Maybe tonight I will try the 8.30 update from the Canadian site, and see what happens. I am really hoping they have an update soon. I also really hope they are not going to leave us AR2 users in the dark. I am fairly certain the hardware inside the 3 is the same as 2, so why can't we have BT streaming and Siri Eyes Free? Pioneer is really slacking in adding apps too, or getting companies to make their apps compatible.
  7. Hey folks, So i was just reading that with the 8.30 update I did when it was first released should have removed Pandora from the main screen? Now did i read this wrong? I have seen multiple videos of people with AR2 and Pandora is NOT there.. Was wondering what was up? I have never used Pandora due to it not being available here in the Great White North(Canada) Thanks!
  8. Broke already!

    Mine did this a couple times since owning it. Within the first couple of months it had gone black on me. But my Bluetooth was still connected. I would leave it for a few hours and it would come back. Has not done it since last september.
  9. So, I have a question. I had purchased an HTC ONE, and was wondering how does the audio get to the AppRadio deck? Is it through Bluetooth, or is it through the HDMI cable? I mean music audio not call audio.
  10. So, I just bought an HTC ONE, a little bit of an upgrade from my iPhone 4s. I was wondering what people are using for their setup. Has anyone come across a LONG MHL Adapter? or are we just using short ones with two cables coming out of our dash? Any comment will help! Thanks!
  11. I knew it! couldnt have been the head unit! Hope this fixes it for you, sir!
  12. You also said this issue occured with an AR2 and an AR3. I think it has something to do with your amp/speakers not the head unit. Remove all other pairings, and reset the phone by holding the power and home button down until the power off screen goes black and keep holding until the apple logo shows up, then you can stop.
  13. Did you buy the Axxcess steering wheel kit? Do these buttons work for any other mode?
  14. There must be another issue, it can't be with the head unit considering you switched it out. I have an iPhone 4s and it works perfectly. Are you using stock speakers in your car, is there an amp? and did you do the test with changing the fade/balance. Sometimes it may seem like all speakers are working until you do that. then you'll find one thats out.