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  1. My main 2 must wants are Navigation: application "Waze" must work and function as designed Entertainment: preferred application "Netflix" I plan on running the AVH-X8500BHS with an iphone4 jailbroke on iOS 5.11 using Mike's AppEx The iPhone4 is my old phone and is no longer activated, and will remain in the car all the time. It will run Netflix and waze from it, and I will connect it to the AVH-X8500BHS unit using the CD-IU201V interface cable on usb1 My current phone is an iphone5 jailbroke on iOS 6.0 that I will connect to the AVH-X8500BHS unit using just a standard USB to lightning cable connected to usb2. I will use my personal hotspot on my iphone5 to supply wifi to the iPhone4 for Internet access. I will pair the phone5 to the AVH-x8500BHS unit for telephone calls. Am I missing anything? I have the 8500 and Netflix and waze both work. Netflix I have to pick what I watch with iPhone controls But I'm not to sure you can hook up both phones to deck at the same time The iPhone 5 gets controlled by blue tooth and I think only one of two USB is meant to work with the iPhone I wasn't able to blue tooth two phones at same time with my 8500. Think I blue tooth the ipad and the iPhone 5 at same time but I never used the ipad on the 8500 so I'm not sure. I could try again sometime
  2. Played angry birds on my 8500 today It works a lot better
  3. Just tested and didn't crash after 30 secs with iPhone 5
  4. They better hurry or the new iPhone will be out But I don't plan on upgrading to new iPhone unless its a huge change Seems like all the pioneers this year were just thrown out real fast, just to make a sale I didn't plan on upgrading my avh4300dvd this year but after I got the iPhone 5 I kinda had too The iPhone 5 works with my avh-x8500 but I have to deal with the bulky cords an adaptor. The 2013 line was a fail in my eyes And why do we have one man ( Mike who does great work) to make the radio do what it should have done right out of the box? I am losing my faith in pioneer and I'm a die hard pioneer user. I have had 12 mid to flagship pioneer radios in the last 15 years I used to upgrade every year, now that I'm getting a little older I like the radio to last a few years. I'm worried that this years line up will be out dated next year when pioneer gets this fix right But this whole 2013 line up for iPhone 5 was a epic fail. Even the kit for my radio pioneer sold, i stupidly bought had the wrong cord I could have just used one of my HDMI cords and saved 60 bucks
  5. Mike you r getting close I can open a app by touching app but if I touch app after its open it will say use a supported app and close app right after that but it made net flix easy to use as long as I control it with phone but I can open it with radio I have the 8500 and a Iphone 5 siri button seems to work I was so ready to give the new angry birds a go. I got that app just so I could show my friends it playing on the screen
  6. I emailed pioneer and they reply back RCA's don't clip I have done some reading on this a some say they don't clip and others say they do Guess I'm not sure if RCA outs clip or not but I already set my amps with the radio volume set to 35 so I'm playing it safe My subs are rated 500 watts rms each and I'm using a 1500 rms so I didn't want any clipping going to them and blowing them Guess I'm ok on RCA pre outs on the pioneer
  7. I remember saying it could be that awhile back But is great to see you got it worked out So how you like the 8500 now since you got it working?
  8. Mike can I download this file on iPhone an open it in ifile? I have my auto lock set to off I wonder if I can get over 30 secs of app time. iPhone 5
  9. When setting gains eq and bass boost should be off, open up crossover's so amps get full signal I realized this could be taken wrong. Do not shut off crossovers just make sure they can get the test tone you are playing Don't do something dumb like send 40hz to your mids and tweeters Still shut off EQ, or flat. Turn off any bass boost ( bass boost and clipping are worst enemy of subs) Start with gains set all the way down and have fun
  10. Nav free seems to work well with iPhone 5. I know a can browse web and listen to any music I have on phone, I'll give the music and navigation thing a try next time I go somewhere Draganjr. I know nothing about android buddy, maybe some one else will chime in
  11. Set the gains on my amps today. I used 40 hz test tone for bass and 1000hz test tone for high amp But I am not using amp that's built in the radio my mids and highs are running off a amp So I can't tell when the deck signal starts clipping. Anyone here had their system tuned and gains set with a O-scope? What volume did they tell you not to turn deck past When setting gains eq and bass boost should be off, open up crossover's so amps get full signal If you use test tones like I did all you have to do is turn up gain till the note changes the back off gain right under that point. It's best to use 0 db test tones. Both 40 and 1000hz are easy to tell when you set gain to high. The 40 will sound like a different note and the 1000 sounds like it ( breaks) or cracks for not finding a better word to explain it on the 1000hz
  12. winter board is always a good one to delete off your phone, if you added hacked sources some of the things in there make for problems, now all you have to do is find the one thing in cydia that's messing you up
  13. COOL!!!!! One is fixed at least
  14. Ok I found that I have to flip toggle before it will go to app radio Then flip it again before I can play a vid. You might want to try taking ur bypass off and just touch it to a ground see what happens I can also lunch any app radio app just by touching app on the phone when I'm in app radio mode But I can't start any app by touching the app on my phone if radio is not 1st in app mode Only setting I see that has not been talked about is tag forwarding its set to usb1 Don't give up its most likely something small. And when you get it working you will be happy Don't restore phone unless you have to. That would be when you try out a differnt iPhone 5 and it works and yours still doesn't . I'm looking forward to mike's program to be updated and we get full control of this deck, can't do that with non Jailbroke phone. Gl hope I could help you in just the least bit
  15. All I do is touch app radio icon on the pioneer and it starts app radio I don't touch phone till it pops a message up to allow or ignore on the phone. I'm going to play around with it when I get a chance and see exactly how I been using the app radio