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  1. aaaunnnd now my wife's radio (in the 350Z) has the spots... Sigh... If AR4 still has the problem - then well, Buh Bye to Pioneer! You have lost me forever... But! My oldest unit (7+ years installed) in my Lancer is fine - no bubbles whutsoEva'... [shrug]
  2. This is very disturbing news. Pioneer shows a stunning lack of customer care. Which makes me considering a follow-on Pioneer radio highly unlikely...
  3. Dedicated iPhone 4 for the AppRadio2

    ahm onnit! (thanks for all the help/great forum!)
  4. Appradio app & waze

    Another AppRadio feature. I launch music first, then set up waze for nav...
  5. Dedicated iPhone 4 for the AppRadio2

    ^Perfect response! Thank you! - exactly what I needed! I have decided on getting an iPhone 4 /8MB from Cricket...
  6. Dedicated iPhone 4 for the AppRadio2

    Excellent input! Thanks! So... I can set up the phone to not require a swipe and code to unlock and/or permission to 'accept link' with radio?
  7. My 'goal' is to buy a cheap/damaged iPhone4 off eBay and just keep it in the car for the AppRadio2. I mostly need it to operate the WAZE and provide music and interface/display DashCommand. I would buy air time minutes as required - I don't use the WAZE very often... So... 1. If I buy a phone with cracked screen/bad digitizer and just use the laptop to set it up (with apps and load music) - does that work? Or will I need a functioning screen? 2. I want the iPhone to 'always' connect with the AR2 (without having to touch the phone). Can I do that? How? 3. I assume I need a jailbroken phone to use the pay-as-you go prepaid minutes, eh? 4. If I buy a broken-screen phone - how do I get past the slide/unlock feature to start the process? Do I have to know the passcode first? Thanks all!
  8. I KNEW i was asking the right people! Thanks for the good response/link. Oh well...
  9. I doubt it - but i thought i would ask this august body of professionals
  10. AppRadio 3 Microbypass Help

    Use the red power wire. The bypass should require 12VDC to operate correctly.
  11. Interesting new setup

    Good job! I am interested in trying this!
  12. Yep - My Lovely Bride is diggin' the functionality of the AR2 and wants one for her 350Z.
  13. My set up: AR2 iPhone4 GoPoint BT/Dash Command Metra Axxess SWI Micro bypass Problem: Apps screen takes a long time to link/display apps. Then the app will open (i.e. wayze) and then the screen goes blank... Also, Dashcommand will be 'reading data' just fine and then 'screen freeze' and stop changing data to reflect conditions. If i turn off the phone BT to the radio - the apps run fine/dash command runs fine... so... what settings for the iPhone BT do i need to check? Thanks!
  14. Nice find on the wireless kit! 'My plan' is to install an infrared camera in the front and display with a switch i control... Just to be cool...
  15. check Crutchfield - even cheaper IIRC