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  1. suddenly reboot loop AVIC-F900BT

    When i kept getting the reloop issue, it was my DATA.ZIP file that was corrupt in MyFlashDisk > ACL2> IGO> ..Give me your email, i will send you DATA.ZIP file to replace

    ok got it taken care of

    Hey guys ive tried every which way to do this but i alway keeps getting the error when i reload into my avic. I always unzip the DATA.ZIP file make the changes to the multipoint.poi to 79 save the file, Rezip it. And then overwrite the previous DATA.ZIP file and it never works? ive tried zipping from my mac, from windows, nothing ever works? i get an program application database not found or something like that error upon boot up it says system is starting up and then it just reboots. As soon as i put the original DATA.ZIP file back startup works fine again...ive tried changing the sys.txt file too with no luck? any other ideas i know i did it the write way because its not rocket science here....
  4. Who wants new NavTeq 2009Q2 USA/Canada maps...?

    i have 2012 Q3 Files if anybody needs them? Hit me up
  5. FX3.1 Complete Firmware Image

    how do i just grab the branding poi section of this and upload it? dont really need the other stuff...my maps are 2012, so dont want to change that
  6. Branded POI Files?

    Anybody have the files? I have gone to VBlue42's thread, as well as searched all the forum. Any link that is provided is no longer active. If somebody has the zip files and instructions to install these could you PLEASE pass it on to me? Thanks
  7. Questions?

    Hey Guys, New to this forum and after a rough start with my system i have finally gotten the hang of it and now and a fan Very talented people doing cool mods... Question 1: I installed Diaftia's Hybrid Mod V3.6 on my F700BT (Version. 4.01) and everything seems to work fine with the excemption of these 2 things? When a use the GPS to route me to a location the voice guidance no longer just plays over my music? it beeps and cuts out the music gives me directions and then goes back to playing music. The stock version would just play the voice over the music...anyway to do this? 2. What settings do you need to have to be able to see the backdrop on the Screen when driving(For example, the sky, the buildings, the mountains?) My view never has this? im in a large metropolitan area..LA Question 2. Does anybody have a link to the branded POI zip file? have searched the forum but every link i see is no longer active. Want to add this to my gps...or does Diaftias V3.6 already have this and i just need to activate it? Any info would be greatly appreciate. thanks
  8. updates

    can updates (maps) be made over the USB connection in the back instead of the SD Card?
  9. F700 Voice Recognition

    Really no help...no one? man what a forum... im so close...voice recognizes every command except calling from contacts? which are there? ohh well i guess i will have to stick to looking up contacts and pressing tneir icon to call them...Thanks everybody for the immense help
  10. F700 Voice Recognition

    getting close, now i can at least call a phone number...i have to say one before the numbers though and it dials it...i assume thats what i have to change all the prefixes on my contacts to...will do that later and resync...any other ideas would be helpful too
  11. F700 Voice Recognition

    ok so with the music voice recognition out of the way maybe i can get help for the hands free dialing. So i imported my contacts, and they are all their stored on my system. When i had a buddy call me his phone number just popped up with no sign of his name (calle id) even though that specific number is saved in my system as a contact. I went to received calls log and once again it show just his number and not his name. I have a feeling that when i try to use voice recognition it doesnt recognize the names i say because they are not programmed into my system even though the contacts are there? any information you might be able to pass along would be appreciated.
  12. F700 Voice Recognition

    ok got the voice recognition to work for music..i say the following Play Artist.... or Play Album.... but now for the life of me, i cant get it to do handsfree dialing? Ive tried call (and name), call (name that is listed in stored contact phonebook, Call Contact etc any other variations i should try?
  13. New to this forum. Just installed my brothers F700BT to my car...everything works fine but my voice recognition. No matter what i say it never hears me? only if i say call...mic works well when i do bluetooth on it...everybody says i sound great... any ideas? any way to calibrate system?