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  1. 2019 Maps (announcement only)

    I am also willing to pay a fee to participate in the operation.
  2. Nel primo post a circa metà c'è scritto "Update File: Use at Your Own Risk!" subito a fianco più in piccolo è specificato che la parola chiave è visibile nel suo profilo. Per accedere al profilo basta cliccare sulla foto del suo avatar, comparirà una schermata con varie voci, li troverai ciò che interessa a te. Ciao ciao.
  3. Hi Flomsen, I did as you described in your posts and in my F940BT everything worked at the first try. No has been needed manage TTS files, and all works properly. The iPod icon now appears as a musical note, instead of the old symbol. Nothing new about the bluetooth firmware, is still the same of 2013 upgrade (v.3.32, if I'm not wrong). II want to say thanks to you for sharing and also to everyone who worked to make available this upgrade. I did a little donation, but surely if all users are doing the same, you can recover the costs. supergecko
  4. Wrong Files Playing music

    I had the same problem too with my macbook, because the OSX creates some invisible files that became visible when the SD/USB are read by a windows computer or some car radios. I solved using an app to clean my pen drives or SD cards, just before to unmount the drive. I should to check in my macbook the name of the app, but it's an application similar to CleanMyDrive: External Drives Manager
  5. Wrong Files Playing music

    Hello, are you using a Macintosh computer to copy the files?