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  1. Crappy Customer Service

    The point of that type of consumer reaction is to get manufacturers take ownership of the issue. Years ago, I bought an AVIC D series and out of the box it was a bomb. The dealer had me come in for an update, it was a cluster&^%. Pioneer has a long history of taking shortcuts and not delivering.
  2. I bought my 7000NEX a few weeks ago, its not a bad unit, but there are more misses than hits. I wanted iDatalink and its (basically) worthless, I called iDatalink and they said "If Pioneer were more forthcoming with firmware updates they could get it to work". The apple Carplay work intermittently, the screen never looks the same (see my photos), the promised "Cloud" based info does not operate at all, when asked I got the answer that I have to wait for the January 2015 firmware update. If you sell something and say it has certain functionality, make sure it does. There are a bunch of other flaws, but I am looking for a technology CAL attorney.
  3. Crappy Customer Service

    I emailed support and they replied with please call us. I did on New Years Eve and after a 30 minute wait, I got hung up on, I called back and got "We have a firmware update coming" and I got pushed over to the complaints department. The unit does not do what it says, I am going to make another post about a Class Action Lawsuit.
  4. The SXV200V1, what does the on screen info look like? Is it like the old where only get one line of data or do you get all the info? Anybody got any screen shot ?
  5. 2011 Mustang

    Looking to add a backup Camera to my 2011 Mustang convertible, I found the Metra Kit for radio replacement. Im wondering if anyone used that kit here and how it looks and works. My question is also when do the next generation of the Z come out, and do I wait?
  6. after 2.0 lost control

    The speed on the screen is perfect, location is perfect.
  7. About a week or so after the upgrade, I lost control. The unit always thinks I am in motion. This unit was bypassed using the hardware method on initial install. Does anyone know if the 2.0 upgrade doesnt take the bypass well? I am just trying to figure it out. Pioneer tells me that the only way the unit gets motion is speed pulse and GPS. I have speed pulse hooked up. Could this unit be defective? Or is the hardware bypass and 2.0 not compatible?
  8. Ipod Touch 2nd Generation

    I can only say that the new touch works PERFECTLY. I dont have an old touch. Good luck to all.
  9. Ipod Touch 2nd Generation

    Hot out of the box, I received my new iPod touch 32gb unit, and after hours of syncing, I pluigged it into my Avic F-900bt and lo and behold it worked as flawlessly as my iPod classic. Audio was good, cover art was perfect and video was searchable, controllable and looked great. I appreciate the efforts apple and Pioneer put forward to this, or what a great success by accident ! Happy driving !
  10. Owners: Post your issues here.

    Model: Avic-F900bt Devices Connected (XM, iPod, etc) : Sirius, Ipod AV Source (if playing) during issue: ANY Action that caused the issue (pressed button, search, etc): ANY Was GPS routing? (yes/no) Sometimes Was BlueTooth active? If yes, what device? sometimes Anything else you would like to add: The unit is generally nice looking, but very poor performing. I called Pioneer yesterday and opened a case. He advised me that they were working on an upgrade, but it was being done in japan. They have stopped shipping and advised their dealers not to sell or install. They are not "BAD" just need a software tweek. I have been able to have a windows screen come up when I crashed the TEL application, I have also gotten the nav to crash. most typically it just reboots.
  11. Perfectly working 900bt or 90bt??

    What a piece of crap. The display looks great when it doesnt lock up. The ipod interface isgood after if slows the unit down to re-scan the conected ipod EVEN if it hasnt changed. Oh yeah, then it fails to do it propely it tells me after. Their 24 hour call number is only open regular business hours. I am going to rip it out if I cant get it resolved. I am very disappointed they put i out like this.
  12. Cannot get custom images to load

    It turns out, that you cant use the Vista OS to burn. I used the Roxio suite and it worked flawlessly. Thanks for jarring my brain inthe right direction. Jeff
  13. Cannot get custom images to load

    Windows Vista! You think thats it? Keep in mind, I am using a CD-R with no other files, just the /pictures directory (like it says in the manual)
  14. I have created both a CD-R and a CD-RW with at least 2.0mb of data on them. The unit tells me there is no pictures folder. but, aha there is. Any ideas?
  15. if at all. I got my D3, my CD-BTB100 (which works OK but not amazing, I am waiting for BTB200) and my CD-SR11 remote. it works horribly if at all. Does anyone know why?