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  1. lol i just found that out! ugggggg. i guess i get to start from step one again and im out 5 bucks. why do i have to be stupid and test stuff. think theyll offer me a dummie refund? lol thanks for the help.
  2. kool. im just about to try it out. also will i be able to test this on my z1. then pull it out and pop it into my z2?
  3. hey all. i came up with an old z1 and salvaged the cd dvd drive for my z2. i also removed the hdd and have been trying to upgrade. i spent my 5 bucks, the drive shows unlocked. so now im trying to use mhdd. i realized that since i dont have a floppy i would have to use cd. my cd is connected to the only ide cable in my comp. i tried a buddys comp and got it to the config part. when i sellect enter, enter, y on security off then enter, enter. it says writing then DEVICE ERROR . thats where im stuck. his comp is an hp so i figured thats the problem. i pulled out my old emachines and got it to boot and same problem. im pretty much giving up. is it ok to upgrade without taking the security off? or is there any other programs that i could try? thanks for any help!
  4. lol not really. do i need to hack my phone settings button?
  5. HELP EQ settings help

    my typical pioneer settings volume should never go over 3/4 ever ever never bass=0 or less freq 100 mid= 2 or 3 freq 1 treble= 3 and up freq 10k hpf on at 125 yes it high but it will save your mids from your retardedness lol sub xover at 125 unless you have 15s if your deck has a sound mode i like "living room" but it adds a huge boost to the sound. meaning you cant turn the volume up past 15 hope it helps.
  6. hey there i just got to play with my first f500 (now that there discontinued) i had big problems with my remote start. when id rs, it would turn on acc, but when i cranked it would loose acc power for just a second and that would f up the whole boot process. avic wouldnt re power on after this, i would have to hit the power button,. then it wouldnt recognize sd, until i popped the mem card out and back in. i battled the video formating until i was able to get them to not skip and sound decent. i realized the unit is in extreme slow mode when your playing video i changed the wire to an ignition and it works great now, video still slows down operations so now sometimes when i start my car the "phone settings" button will be grayed out! i have to shut off car and start up again and bam its back. i dont have auto connect on. maybe i should try that. is there any blue tooth updates for this piece? callers hear alot of echo
  7. ne way to re up tha silverado ss pics?
  8. Check this thing out

    ha i love looking at the future!~!!!! the one feature that really interested me was "with built-in terrestrial digital TV tuners" now that would be fn sweet.
  9. MT2 Audio School?

    i dont mean to gripe or get you down you didnt mention your age but if your 18-21 i say go for it! at least you spend the money for school and then can immediatle use that cert to get a job. im 25 and i realize now that this industry isnt for "men" its for youngins that dont want to flip burgers or sit in an office. ha and those raises your talking about are pennies! good luck whatever you do!
  10. MT2 Audio School?

    Misfit ur a smart mofo car stereo installation will only ever get you 50k a year at most. thats probly after 10 years of doing it too. car installer are now a dime a dozen because anyone can attempt to put in a deck, if you can put in a deck then you can work at best buy, and if you work at best buy then you get "certified"! making you a qualified car stereo installer! sweet but that cirtificate doesnt mean shi because you only ever put decks speakers, remote starts, and maybe video in! if your young and want to ave some fun at work then go for it! i however cannot recomend anyone "aspire" to be an installer. we get no respect! lol i can suggest to get into home audio video! thats a huge money pit that will never be affected by any recession.
  11. hay all this is a custom job i did awhile ago he has the avhp7800dvd with just about all the extras including an avic 80 about a week ago he called me and said his tv wouldnt power on, he was having other issues with the car and took it to a shop. when it got out of the shop the radio worked fine! wtf? well i stopped by his house to redo the settings and check it out i noticed the XM Airware thats hooked through the aux inputs through a CD-RB10 wasnt playing sound. i double checked the airware in his house and its working fine. i go back out to his car and realize that NO OTHER SOURCE BESIDED DVD WILL PLAY SOUND! video shows on tv stations show on fm but no sound! im guessing its one of the 2 data cables that run to the brainbox but havnt had another chance to check it out. has anyone else had problems with their pioneer flip outs? any suggestions would be great thanks
  12. nd-bc20pa pics and setup finally!!

    hay all i asked my bud if i could borrow his 06 megacab because all these people keep pming me about his camera. he said sure so heres what i got this truck is sick. avic-z2, vizualogic headrest screens (cut in, not dorp in), diamond amps, memphis speakers, kicker subs, blue led kit, bluetooth, xtra dvd player (from when he had a d3), and its lifted and custom painted. exaust sounds tough too! so the camera is identical to the nd-bc20. on dodge trucks withe the large tailgate handle you can unbolt the inner tailgae skin and remove the handle itself. i basically cut an upside down "U" shape into the handle until the camera fit. no other camera will fit here that i know of. its pointed so you can see the ballhitch. the difference between the normal and the pa is this box. it has one more connection (for the retarded little 4 button switch) so once your all installed. you will have to do a lengthy setup for this bad boy. basically you need to find a parking spot with clearly visible lines then park with the camera facing it squarely. i also hooked up a switch with diodes to the reverse input just to make programming easier. once your parked and in setup the first step is to take a "snapshot". basically the camera records a still image for reference while your adjusting it. from there you can adjust things like horizontal center, vertical height, rotation, witdth of the parking lines, its crazy how much you can adjust it!! heres a bunch of pics of me going through the setup but i wont explain em too much then after youve gone step by step you can re adjust anything you want with this menu so basically this is what u get. then press the "mode" button and it switches to a sweet top down view of the rear i used speakers and dew bottles to measure the distance on the lines. the green line is 15ft from the hitch, the yellow is 7 and the red is 3 ft away. these can all be adjusted through the settings. ive got a car to do now ill edit this laters.
  13. you could do the exact same thing that the "smal plug" from crutchfield is doing only youd need a wire diagram for that system. that pioneer edition is a wierd one luckily ive never had to do audio to one. but basically if you can find what wires are going into your doors to power the speakers then follow them either to their own amp (worst case) or they lead right up to the cd player and into that small plug you would just need to find what wires are positve and what wires are negative. if they have their own amp then you would need to power it up withe that blue/wht and find the pos neg wire colors. id pull off the door and see how many speakers you have and what the wire colors are.
  14. hi there the manual that u can see online at peripherals website should show you positive and negative can. let me know if you have any trouble with that peswican. ive had nothing but problems out of the 2 ive sold. i refuse to do steering wheel controls on dodges now. the problem i get is that they stop working after a week or two when i stick my head under the dash (which is where i moved the swc boxes to after all the fn trouble theyve had) and the pe swips will not be illuminated meanning the swican didnt give it an accesory signal to turn on. so i unplug swican and what do you know it works again. two weeks later rinse and repeat ive had peripheral tell me that i need an adapter like the cht1 ur using so i dropped 70 bucks on an adapter and same problem exists.
  15. Z2 help please

    well id say that your bypass is not working. read over the bypass threads again and check the date on ur z2 and for the bluetooth id try to find it with your phones bluetooth menu.