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  1. and how about 920BT? not supported as 910BT? anyone tried on 920BT?
  2. I have f920bt with 32pin rca socket, but I don't have rca wires to connect rear view camera. I want to make just bsl-02 cable connection, only with 2 pins to use camera view: Problem is that I'm not sure which pins are "rear camera input": When I connect to two pins from right side, my avic freezes on camera view with black screen (only reset helps to back to normal screen), so I guess I connect right pins, but tell me pls which exactly pins are for camera. Next thing is camera settings: what I have to choose in options - battery or ground?
  3. how to remove navi warning in this version? this thread seems not to this models: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/22269-skip-warning-and-nag-for-avic-f900bt-4001000-update/
  4. Where can I find this TTS files in device data files? I want to make backup of it, before I'll try this update I have f920bt with 4.01 soft.
  5. 2012 update for F10, F20, F30, F920, F930

    I look also for this 2013 update, for my f920bt. but can't find. What kind of map is in 310FM (2012) update? I don't see any IGO folder after this updates, so I guess it's not IGO. I see some map files in NDATA folder (00, 01, 02 etc folders) but I have no idea what maps are there.