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  1. Has anyone had any luck with removing the 'nag' in this software version? Cheers, Paul
  2. Skip warning on 2015 EU Update?

    Hi chaps, Can you point me in the right direction of the 2013 nag bypass thread? I've found another thread with a link but the link is dead and no amount of massaging the URL seems to coax a live thread. Thanks in advance, Paul
  3. There's a video on Youtube walking through this function. Essentially the GUI for supertestmode is very unintuitive. What you need to do is Select the file (so it has the + next to it), then Copy the selected file, then move the action back to Enter and navigate back up each level of the root until you get to where you want to paste the file. Paste should be enabled now. Paul
  4. ^This^. Re-format the card and follow the instructions implicitly. If you skip steps it won't work. It's a process that works if followed. If it still doesn't work and your unit is included in this thread as being successful, you need a different SD card. Paul
  5. The RenewallFLib.dll is specific to your unit. There's no guarantee the same file from the same model unit will work in your unit. You could try the one included in the 2015 files and see if that works. You may have found out the hard way why you always back up a file before you edit it. Not very helpful I know but that's the reality of it unfortunately. Paul
  6. Hi all, I can confirm this works on the F9210BT. As per above, the process I followed was: 1. Run 'supertestmode' from a freshly formatted (FAT32) SD card. 2. Copy RenewallFlib.dll from USER\PRG0\APL to SD root. 3. Remove SD card from AVIC and edit RenewallFlib.dll as per monsterF9's guidance on a PC. 4. Insert SD card with edited RenewallFlib.dll back into AVIC. 5. Delete RenewallFLib.dll from USER\PRG0\APL on AVIC. 6. Paste edited RenewallFlib.dll from SD card into USER\PRG0\APL. 7. Remove SD card format it and copy Update, FIRMWARE and (modded) CARDINFO.cif onto it. 8. Insert SD card into AVIC and turn on ignition. Follow onscree instructions where you'll be prompted to enter a password. Enter PASSWORDPASSWORD 9. Sit back and wait for 25 minutes whilst the unit updates. If anyone needs a hand with this, please ping me. I'm by no means an expert but after some reading, understand what's needed and how to achieve it. Thanks to Flomsem for the SD contents and monsterF9 for putting in the work to crack the content. If you both PM me with your PayPal details, I'll send a donation to show my appreciation for your efforts. Cheers, Paul
  7. Yep, it was corrupt downloads. Downloaded it again, for the 3rd time and it unpacked just fine. I'll get it installed and drop a little donation pug's way. Paul
  8. Hi guys, I'm getting a few wrong password errors when unpacking these. Has anyone else had issues? Cheers, Paul
  9. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Hi, Just wanted to express my thanks to pionara and radeonorama for making this available. I successfully updated my UK AVIC-F9210BT, using a cheap Tanscend 4GB SDHC card I bought from Maplin. It took around 25 minutes for the main update and 5 minutes for the Bluetooth update. I did the tweak to the VERINFO.DAT file too. You don't often find a full and easy to follow solution to this type of thing on the web so how easy this was, was very refreshing. Cheers, Paul