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  1. I used waze yesterday flawlessly with my iphone 5 running ios 7 GM I downloaded last week.
  2. iOS7 iPhone 5 with Appradio 3 (video)

    You beat me to it. I was gonna do a video. Good job. Are you gonna upgrade to the 5S? My 5 seems to be faster after upgrading to ios 7 last week. Now, if we can get some more apps for appradio!
  3. My white one from China on eBay came and it didn't work as I suspected. I ordered one on DX that jazJon posted a link to. Crossing my fingers.
  4. Been running ios 7 on my 5 for a week now. Haven't noticed any problems. Pioneer updated (bug fixes) the appradio app yesterday also.
  5. That's all the functionality it has. It sux, right... I would suggest the apps navfree and waze.
  6. I ordered a white one off of eBay from china that hasn't showed yet. I'll report if it works or not.
  7. No Mirroring & DVD After Microbypass

    Matt from microbypass emailed me back right away. He gave me several things to check. It wasn't some form letter either. Turns out I had soldered every single connection except for the blue bypass wire to white-blue on harness. I used a t tap connector for this because I ran out of shrink wrap protectors for my soldering connections. After further inspection, the t tap did not penetrate the plastic on the blue-white harness wire. I ended up soldering and using electrical tape. Works great now and I don't have to use a toggle switch anymore! Awesome product and great support from microbypass!
  8. Appradio 3 with iPhone 5. HDMI cord from HU to Apple AVI Lightning cord to USB/Lightning. I used a toggle switch to bypass parking brake while microbypass was on order. Everything worked good. I was able to use app mode just fine. I also I was able to mirror my iphone 5 on my HU which was great for playing YouTube. After installing the microbypass the app mode works fine and the bypass does the job. However the bypass doesn't work for DVD and I can't mirror the phone screen. Get the video prohibited while driving warning. Help!
  9. Backup Camera Recommendations

    I bought the cheap one that mounts on license plate on Amazon for $16. If I have a problem I'll upgrade to a direct fit model that I found for my expedition.
  10. I had the same problem with getting Waze working correctly on the Appradio 3. Took me awhile to figure out the external unit setting. It works now and it's pretty dang cool!
  11. Kinda.. Still have to have the phone plugged in to get Pandora. I installed a Appradio 3 in my Expedition today. I'll do a review and video when I get some spare time.
  12. I'm doing an install of an Appradio 3 in my 2003 Ford Expedition and I need a recommendation for a backup camera. I know there are some cheap solutions on EBay that work, but I'm not sure which one to get.